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  1. Today's Google Doodle in honor of Clara Rockmore's 105th birthday is a fun one: https://www.google.com/?client=safari&channel=mac_bm
  2. I know what you mean Chris. After the initial shock and tears for Bowie, my mind started thinking that if I feel this strongly about him what am I gonna do when it's.........sorry, I can't even bear to name names...you know who some of the rock Gods I hold highest are. Sure wish I were back in Washington right now where I have a nice stash of cannibis at home, LOL. As fate would have it, I'm presently across country at my college town, right at the heart of where I spent endless hours enjoying Bowie as well as all the great 70s bands.
  3. He's good. I used to enjoy Icehouse, the Australian band heavily influenced by Bowie. I'm sure you're familiar with them.
  4. Exactly how I feel, on all you said. I thought it was some kind of bad joke when I heard this morning. Tears have been shed today.
  5. My internet dial-up (!) is so extremely lousy that I almost NEVER click on a video. Glad I did for this one because it came in beautifully and I LOVE their sound!!!! Thanks Reswati. (and are you still doing fine with the quit smoking? it's been 4 or 5 years right?)
  6. Plus Jason included lots of personal home movies and stills of his father in his Zeppelin tribute tour a couple years back. I feel that would have been the time to share some wedding footage if he had so desired.
  7. I just want to know exactly which word/s came from the immortal Keanu Reeves. And what exactly is his relation to the team members of Led Zeppelin? Is it possible he is Jimmy Page's illegitmate son?
  8. Rick, I think you may be talking about changing the theme? If so, that feature is at the very bottom of the page (scroll way down until you can't scroll no more). There are 2 themes to choose from, try them both and see which you prefer.
  9. Edit to add: There was a funny (to me, certainly not to the parties involved) mini-drama taking place across the aisle from me during the concert. During Neil's drum solo I sat down and noticed a good-looking couple, the girl was sexy gorgeous and seemed to be putting on a show of how much she was getting into the music. Then she got a text on her phone, spent a few minutes writing a note and then another few minutes kissing and loving up on her date and then she left and was gone the rest of the night. I laughed to myself thinking she's an escort gal and just got a message that she could be earning bigger bucks elsewhere so she gave this dude a sob story and fled. Pretty sure I'm right about the scenario -- and bet there were lots of guys on "dates" like this that night. LOL Vegas, baby!!
  10. Thanks king, I really enjoyed meeting you too! Of course the one thing that would have made it much better is if the slots had been looser, LOL. It's not much fun gambling anymore, I lost right around $400 over the course of the weekend too. Should have saved that money and I could go to the strip and catch another concert this week, Aerosmith is playing MGM and that might be a fun evening.......well, better than feeding the one-armed bandits. And I'm guessing that a lot of the beautiful young ladies who were hanging out in groups were there as bridal parties. Some girls had clothing and/or sashes with it in writing (bride-to-be, maid of honor, bridesmaid) so maybe these others were in the same situation. I'm curious how this Rush show compared to the one you saw in Dallas. You could make a comment or two on the Rush thread if you want to keep this one on the topic of Las Vegas.
  11. I will be there kingzoso; am staying Fri. & Sat. nights at the MGM Signature Hotel and then a week with my Mom in Henderson. I'm not telling her about those extra 2 days or I would never hear the end of it! In her eyes I'm still 15 yrs. old, LOL. The Rush fans have planned pre- and post- concert gatherings at numerous locations. Some are meeting up at the Nine Fine Irishmen at New York New York Casino, some are getting together at the Crown & Anchor off the strip, and then there are many like myself who do not want to leave the MGM before the concert. Most are choosing the Rogue Bar, so that is most likely where I will be. I've been to several Rush shows at the MGM and believe me, there are Rush fans swarming the casino/hotel in every nook & cranny the night of the show. You can tell because 90% are wearing Rush t-shirts, haha. I will swim against the tide and wear either my cute Led Zeppelin or my British Invasion tee that night. But carry a Rush messenger bag for good measure. If you want to make definite plans to meet, I would enjoy it very much. I met up with forum member Ally for a Rush concert in Vancouver about 3 years ago and had a great time. There's always a lot to talk about with fellow fans even if one is more of a quiet, lurker type as I am. Let me know what you think, either here or in a PM. ~ Becky
  12. How did the edibles work for you TypeO? I've been experimenting with them here at home and sometimes there is such a long lag time before they kick in that I don't know if I am high or just sleepy so I go to bed which is not cool for a Rush concert LOL. Do you have any specific recommendation?
  13. You're gonna love Vegas kingzoso! I have relatives in the Vegas area but am staying at the MGM Signatures Hotel that night for convenience in meeting up with other fans either before or after the concert. Initial plans are already being made on a Facebook page, I will fill you in on details as the date draws closer. As a fellow avid Rush fan (and Pink Floyd too, may I presume? LOL) I will be thrilled with any setlist they choose.
  14. I was wondering what the Foo Fighter connection is......didn't Dave say they quite literally saved his life? Am more curious now and will go look for this story when done here. And I agree it was an excellent final show.
  15. Zep's first 5 albums were released during my teen years and Communication Breakdown was the song that resonated the strongest with me at that period. Analyzing it today I'd say it's because the urgency, heaviness and frantic power & energy of that song addressed my teenage angst so well. Those years when I'd feel so stressed out for no apparent reason...perhaps my parents didn't want me to wear my miniskirts so short or would say/do something to get me so angry......it helped tremendously to listen to CB and work through it. It still helps 40+ years later. Helter Skelter had a similar effect so I know what you're talking about price.pittsburgh.
  16. I don't have to tell you to enjoy the show kingzoso, I know you are! Did you say you're going to the Vegas concert too? I will be at that one, am attending 3 in fact all in one week, all are floor seating -- Seattle, 14th row on Geddy's side San Jose, 23rd row straight down the middle so we will call that in front of Neil Las Vegas, 12th row on Alex's side. Pretty sweet, eh? Also plan to do edibles like TypeO said so that makes it doubly sweet. LOL Life is beautiful. And thank you luvlz2 for posting all the goodies in this thread, the setlists, vids and such. The spoilers/no spoilers camps at the official Rush website forum get too overwhelming for me so I don't visit there too often these days. Would enjoy meeting anyone here that will be at any of those shows.
  17. I was surprised with the optimistic ending too Strider, pleasantly so. I liked this finale a lot, there was resilience and strength of character shown by all. And am sad to see the end of the era. I lived and loved the 60s and think it would be interesting to see what Mad Men would have become in the 70s. Sally at front of stage at a Led Zeppelin concert perhaps?
  18. Sounds like you have a great Vegas trip planned; it's exactly what I do, LOL. I will be at that concert, 12th row Alex's side, staying at the MGM Signature hotel for the weekend and then staying & visiting with family for a week. I usually budget some casino money in too, not as much as you but enough to have a full night's worth of fun. There is no shortage of fun things to do in Vegas but be aware that they are not cheap (long gone are the $5.00 buffets) and, depending on your age, can be exhausting either to get to or while waiting in line. I find the trek from the MGM Grand Hotel room to the Garden Arena alone can be tiring so wear some comfortable shoes, ha ha.
  19. Yes ~ The Yes Album, Fragile, Close to the Edge Andrea Bocelli ~ Romanza, Sacred Arias, Sogno
  20. As a UT student, Knoxville is where I saw a midnight showing of The Song Remains the Same 40 years ago. It was a blast and is one of those rare occasions that I can remember & relive nearly every minute of the evening! Looking forward to tonight and hoping I (and everyone else attending) have even just a fraction of the fun I had back then.
  21. Oh for sure it's no big deal about the left/right earring thing -- and people have rings for all parts of their bodies, not just ears -- so I've concluded that z1inspector is my "kindred spirit" in the excessive use of quote marks. LOL
  22. I'm curious as to why you put "wore" in quotation marks. I do remember the talk back in the 70s about the symbolism of men wearing an earring in the left ear versus the right ear (though I never could remember which was which, LOL) and are you referring to that with "wore"? Or do you just have a punctuation hangup, as I tend to have???
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