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  1. Re-issued vinyl? *cough *splutter *gasp! 🥴 Where did your original, >purchased at the time< copies go? Oh dats right its 2021. 8-/ Just bury my original vinyls with me ok? ❤️ (I got the cd's n .flacs n stuff too).
  2. Whoah great idea and tyvm! I'll be hooverin this thread and those awesome links to scrutinise my 3 x over vinyl collection and stairway 45 single. Personally I love the sound of the .flac files, because you can tweak em with multiband & parametric eq's on an azzkicking, (custom) pc and sound system. ($7k rig, $3k a pop speakers x 2 -> in my time of buying lol). Until then I'll be listening to my original vinyl mudslide bootleg, which I'll be .flac-ing when my business allows me the time to do so. CheerZ!
  3. Check out these babies. I have a group of 4 I'm working on too, Of course A mate says my Trilogy is not a true Bonzo symbol cause of the outer ring Whaddyaz reckon?
  4. I'll like ya! Good onya girl. All the best for your future music career. me?: 4003 Ric, Parker Fly, Ovations, Washburn mandos etc etc
  5. Consanguine relationships. Research it. Only 1 so called "religion" considers iteself above the laws of nature.
  6. Well dont wish or want to start a band, DO IT lol. I play in a kickarse drum & bass duo using a silver sparkle Ludwig kit with Zildjians and my fireglo 4003 Rickenbacker.. We specialise in heavy riffs with a whole lotta Zep tunes We are... Just for fun but we do hit it hard. I've only ever done studio axe work, (acoustic is another story), but I'm looking forward to pre recording the bass so I can cut loose on 6 string live. T-Bone Baker on drums :-) The quality of the wigs & backer makes our jamming sound like studio recordings but live. Its awesome fun. T-Bones house rea
  7. I can only say that when D'yer Mak'er came out reggae wasnt actually mainstream. So it wasnt seen as a reggae styled song at the time was it? It's a great tune
  8. Is there a definitive list of vinyl Bootlegs anywhere? I collected them for years and have a ton of them. I get a bit lost with all the new age digital variations. I'll have to list them all sometime.
  9. OH - MY - GOD! I checked this thread once soon after creating it and thanks to this forum and its members, found the name of our heroine (lol). Now almost 2 years later, just for something to do, I googled Virginias name to find this thread has evolved into what seems to be the most polite and respectful worship thread I have ever seen. (I havent finished reading it yet). Little did I know that we would be honoured with a personal appearance. Virginia, as others have said thank you so much for posting and sharing. Congrats on your wonderful life of original creativity and you
  10. Ahh I see the ones you mean. Mine are all vinyl. I need to brush up on the latest stuffs. Thanks.
  11. Volume Four is what I have always called it.
  12. Hots on was the first I ever heard on radio at the time. Then Nobody's But I just can't choose a single track. Impossible for me.
  13. The Epi is a cool rig I've had a lash on one or two and unless you have a gazillion bucks to blow on an original or even a replica, (page gibson re-issue). it's a good move! Well done and thanks for posting your double headed axe! (will listen to your band shortly:) CheerZ cob! Whoah! Athel you guys rock! Supertight and ANGRY! Love it! You just can't beat natural musical ability. Keep onto those solos and mate, one day real soon you'll look at what your fingers are doing and go man! thats me doin that! (as good as anyone currently blazin/mainstream) I'm talking about immortality
  14. I really couldn't care if he releases a new one or not, hes done way more than enough imo But.. maybe.. ... "ZoSo<I>MoFo" ^^? (everyone uses it nowadays :-) ps: How cool are the Vinyl Mothership and Song releases Pharkn' L! just awesome that stuff.
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