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  1. Re-issued vinyl? *cough *splutter *gasp! 🥴 Where did your original, >purchased at the time< copies go? Oh dats right its 2021. 8-/ Just bury my original vinyls with me ok? ❤️ (I got the cd's n .flacs n stuff too).
  2. Whoah great idea and tyvm! I'll be hooverin this thread and those awesome links to scrutinise my 3 x over vinyl collection and stairway 45 single. Personally I love the sound of the .flac files, because you can tweak em with multiband & parametric eq's on an azzkicking, (custom) pc and sound system. ($7k rig, $3k a pop speakers x 2 -> in my time of buying lol). Until then I'll be listening to my original vinyl mudslide bootleg, which I'll be .flac-ing when my business allows me the time to do so. CheerZ!
  3. Well dont wish or want to start a band, DO IT lol. I play in a kickarse drum & bass duo using a silver sparkle Ludwig kit with Zildjians and my fireglo 4003 Rickenbacker.. We specialise in heavy riffs with a whole lotta Zep tunes We are... Just for fun but we do hit it hard. I've only ever done studio axe work, (acoustic is another story), but I'm looking forward to pre recording the bass so I can cut loose on 6 string live. T-Bone Baker on drums :-) The quality of the wigs & backer makes our jamming sound like studio recordings but live. Its awesome fun. T-Bones house really gets shaking and the little town we jam in just goes Whoah! Holee $hit! and correct I havent finished whitewalling the image yet. Once its finished I will post one in the main street whenever we jam just for the "wtf?" factor. T-Bone and I have been jamming since we were teenagers and man.. were old now hahaha. As i've said.. Lock up ya mothers! The Filths in town!
  4. I can only say that when D'yer Mak'er came out reggae wasnt actually mainstream. So it wasnt seen as a reggae styled song at the time was it? It's a great tune
  5. Is there a definitive list of vinyl Bootlegs anywhere? I collected them for years and have a ton of them. I get a bit lost with all the new age digital variations. I'll have to list them all sometime.
  6. OH - MY - GOD! I checked this thread once soon after creating it and thanks to this forum and its members, found the name of our heroine (lol). Now almost 2 years later, just for something to do, I googled Virginias name to find this thread has evolved into what seems to be the most polite and respectful worship thread I have ever seen. (I havent finished reading it yet). Little did I know that we would be honoured with a personal appearance. Virginia, as others have said thank you so much for posting and sharing. Congrats on your wonderful life of original creativity and your ongoing joy, love and rewards of family. To be gobsmacked by your physical beauty so long ago was a sheer delight. To find the march of time has revealed your true inner beauty is even more amazing indeed. Enjoy your place amongst immortals. Kindest regards to you and yours, Peter. ps for both now and then: a respectful, somewhat politically incorrect> wolfwhistle!
  7. Can anyone answer the question as to "who is/was the beautiful princess in Robert Plants fantasy sequence during The Rain Song, in The Song"? For all the Zep books I've read and all the research I have done I am none the wiser. One would presume she is content to be out of the limelight for all these years, maybe she isn't with us anymore? but I'm thinking she deserves some credit of a mention amongst her original worshippers. Why? For me she was the most perfect english fantasy princess. Stunningly beautiful. Her protrayal of vulnerability and supposed innocence along with Roberts heroism in saving her > IS <-> ye olde fantasy perfected. I just want to know stuff like was she actually English? Did she do any other media stuff? Even with the passing years I am pretty sure she would she still be a looker (hey we're all getting old ^-) lol! Given there is not one single mention of her on original materials, (SRTS Double Vinyl and 1st DVD), unless I missed it somehow, I kinda think she was someones friend and just did it for fun. Come on James, John, Robert & Swan Song, spill the beans, you've teased us long enough! 8^) (heartless lot aren't they?!? 8-)
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