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  1. Spats, where have you gone man? What a shame. :(

  2. sorry if this has already been posted...been watching it alot lately Sparks 1970
  3. My first job was in a plastic factory(injection molding). The plant manager was a huge ex marine with a booming voice, very intimidating. One day he was working on a machine, and had disabled(or was ignoring) the saftey devices, and ended yp with a 3/4" inch steel bar thru his forearm...blood everywhere..he didn't even flinch, or make a sound...he pulled his arm out, wrapped it in his jacket and drove himself to the hospital. They took bone from his hip to rebuild his arm, he checked himself out and was back to work 2 days later that dude was crazy
  4. plan 9 from outer space up in smoke the good the bad & the ugly
  5. Little Chicken is CUTE and nice pics joolia
  6. Every scene involving Tuco in the good, the bad, and the ugly
  7. I think what he said was "this better be the ONLY son of god"
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