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  1. Not George Harrison Curious George Harrison Brown Trout The trouser snakes The ex husbands who am I kidding those suck but Curious George Harrison is kinda funny
  2. I like blondes brunettes and redheads...one of each preferably
  3. they all look the same with the lights off and their butt stuck up in the air
  4. I did monitors for them a year or so ago, enjoyed it more than I thought I would actually. They had that black guy from the Specials playing guitar, and I spent most of the day talking tele's and jamming with him, which turned into me actually playing with the opening act when their guitarist couldn't make it...
  5. Dean Markleys in my experience sound like a million bucks for about 10 minutes(lol long enough to get them stretched) and then break
  6. they are el34's I'm fairly certain...I associate el84's with vox ac30's. If I'm not mistaken the plate voltages are different...can't remember which is the low voltage one tho on a related note there is a mod to tame a plexi by lowering the voltage it runs on
  7. sorry if this has already been posted...been watching it alot lately Sparks 1970
  8. well...the drummer would be partially correct if you are playing in C# Major C# D# E# F# G# A# B#, and the song is in C...he'd have to be a mindreader or something to know if you were intending to play a major 7th in C# as opposed to the root in C because they are the same note after all this is really a guitarist joke but since this a drummer joke thread... How do you get a drummer to get off your porch? pay for the pizza
  9. That kitten sleeping in his food dish was my av on another board for a long time just looking at those kittens is making me sleepy
  10. My first job was in a plastic factory(injection molding). The plant manager was a huge ex marine with a booming voice, very intimidating. One day he was working on a machine, and had disabled(or was ignoring) the saftey devices, and ended yp with a 3/4" inch steel bar thru his forearm...blood everywhere..he didn't even flinch, or make a sound...he pulled his arm out, wrapped it in his jacket and drove himself to the hospital. They took bone from his hip to rebuild his arm, he checked himself out and was back to work 2 days later that dude was crazy
  11. plan 9 from outer space up in smoke the good the bad & the ugly
  12. it's this: I leave the cover off mine and swap a bunch of different drives in and out of it..when I got a new machine a couple years ago I was kind of bummed thinking I was gonna lose years worth of stuff, or have the major headache of tearing my machine apart to swap drives, this thing has been a godsend best 25 bucks I ever spent
  13. I bought a pretty cool box that holds a hard drive and connects via usb..it was only 25 bucks, and I had a bunch of HD's laying around already
  14. When power supplies go they have a nasty habit of taking mainboards with them been thru it more than once
  15. Now THAT'S funny religion= narrow minded
  16. Some wars are truly worth fighting and we do well to remember those who have made the sacrifice
  17. Happy Birthday anyone with the word Tejana in their username can't be too far away from me
  18. Oh yeah???? I'll take a plymouth roadrunner..cant argue with a 440 and 2 800cfm 4bbl, add a dana 60/4.10 and a roots blower and I will not only CRUSH a eurocar, the only thing rolling over it will be my back tires... and I will cut heads on a uke with ANYONE with 1 string and no pick behind my back with my teeth falling down drunk but this thread is about danelectro guitars....if you like it buy it, there is no wrong or right. I can play a gig just as easily on a walmart axe as a vintage les paul, strat or tele or prs or whatever, as long as it's in tune. I HATE gear snobs...it's about how you play not what you play
  19. Captain Howdy liked Regan McNeil too
  20. What happened when the drummer locked his keys in his car? he spent an hour getting the bass player out
  21. Huge touring rigs are usually built in 2's or 3's...meaning the band leapfrogs from one to the next. It might take a week to set up (rolling stones for example), instruments and stage gear are about the only things trucked(or flown) to every show
  22. The first half of stairway to heaven..just because you can play like a beast doesn't mean you have to
  23. Nothing's shocking is a great album...I also loved siamese dream I can't stand nirvana...or pretty much the whole grunge thing...I think the only cd like that I have is badmotorfinger
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