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  1. Happy Christmas to all who remember me :)

  2. Hi to anyone who might have a look on here..:) still not allowed to post on here for reasons I have no idea, glad to see its all still going though..take it easy :)

  3. Well I thought I would pop on to see whats going on, I see the they still wont let me post, nice to see they never change, anyway allowed on here again so again to Kiwi glad your ok and you got thei blog :), Valley girl great to see your ok too, will look for your name :)...Big Dan hope your ok and back on here, lets face it if you are back on they needed you for your wit, am sure the forum was flagging without you, Fool in the rain hope your ok too if you read. I shall pop bvack on in 5 mont...

  4. Hi Leddy :) Just dropping by to say hello! :) I'm really hoping that you'll be back here, quite soon! :) I miss you, you know? :( Anyway, hope you're doing well! :) Cheers! :)

  5. are you on facebook ? if you are add me Bethan Evans such a common name in wales though mite be easier if i look for you lol

  6. hi leddy im fine lovely to hear off u you ok ?? x

  7. Hi Leddy! :D How are you? I'm safe and sound! Thank you so much for your concern! :D I am in Auckland and it's relatively safe here, because the chances of an earthquake striking are close to nil. I really miss you around here! :( Hope the mods will let you post here again quite soon! :D *fingers crossed

  8. So if your ever ead it Kiwi, you know we are thinking of you as not sure if you were in Christchurch or not.

  9. Still not allowed to post by the childish mods, but come on here to check if Kiwi Zep fan is ok because of the earthquake

  10. Yes I seem to have been banned

    1. Fool In The Rain 60

      Fool In The Rain 60

      Come back leddy we miss you x

  11. Hi Leddy! :D It's already the 1st of February here and here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday! :D Hope you have a great day ahead! :D Cheers! :D

  12. What is and What Should Never Be.......by............
  13. Paint The Firm or Coverdale/Page ?
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