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  1. :friends:its been a long time for me also nice to see some old friends still here hope your all well have a merry Christmas from us all in the welsh valleys
  2. are you on facebook ? if you are add me Bethan Evans such a common name in wales though mite be easier if i look for you lol

  3. just popping in to say hello miss you guys hope you are all well
  4. hello robin xxxx

  5. hi leddy im fine lovely to hear off u you ok ?? x

  6. Hello old friend :)

  7. Hello old friend :)

  8. looks really cool !!!!!!!!!!! nice to be back im just loving the map
  9. valleygirl


    Get well soon xxxxxx
  10. Hi everyone its been a while yes Danny i know what you mean
  11. merry xmas Nadolig Llawen Bill xxxx

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