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  1. Good article! I've been watching the World Cup and instantly recognized the Jack White riff. It made me think about the documentary "It Might Get Loud!", and Jack explaining it, then teaching it to Jimmy Page and The Edge.
  2. RIP, John Bonham. I'll find time to play "Four Sticks" today.
  3. It's great looking at all the songs on this thread. For me, it was "The Song Remains the Song." I posted what this song means to me on my blog. Rock on!
  4. Today (March 30) is Eric Clapton's birthday (b. 1945). I find it a fun coincidence reading this piece of news, as I've got Clapton on shuffle in my iPod today.
  5. I wish you great luck with this. My wife has given up smoking and so have I, and it wasn't easy, but it's well worth it health-wise. We have a daughter, and clearly trying to set an example was foremost in our minds. Find those online support groups, and just tough it out. Again, best of luck!
  6. My most recent purchase was "Death Magnetic" (Metallica) and the DVD "Lucky You" (the poker movie "Rounders" was better).
  7. There's a gentleman in my office who has long hair. Once over dinner, he told the group that he was thinking of cutting it. We all told him "no!" I was insistent on this because I'm balding, and I live vicariously through my long-haired friends.
  8. Sorry for the non-Zep content here. I'm working my way up to Led Zeppelin musically. I pray that I get there soon. Check out me playing "Pigs on the Wing (Part 1)". Thanks!
  9. Yeah, it was great to see him with that riff! Leona held her own. I don't know if I'm supposed to have known this singer, but I know her now. Good stuff!
  10. Here in the US, I think the NBC commercials are touting that Michael Phelps will be "part" of the closing ceremonies "by way of satellite." I wonder if Phelps is a Zep fan?
  11. In 1949, Jerry Wexler was a cub reporter at the age of 32 for Billboard magazine. The editor there wanted to change the name of the African-American (then "black") music section from "Race Records" to something more palatable. After a few days, Jerry said "rhythm and blues." Somehow that's amazing to me. When asked what he would like on his tombstone, he said "More bass." RIP, Jerry Wexler.
  12. I saw Joe Bonamassa at Sculler's in Boston in 2006. Yeah, I probably should get out more.
  13. One of my favorite quotes I read about Estelle Getty is her remark about her success on "Golden Girls". "After fifty years in the business, I'm an overnight success." My wife loves this show, and during the many times I'd watch along with her, I too would get caught up in the show, and it's acerbic humor. My wife always pointed out that even though Estelle played the mother, she was in fact younger than the woman who played her daughter on that show, Bea Arthur.
  14. For some reason, I've made it my summer's work to go through the Led Zeppelin catalog. I'm up to Led Zeppelin IV, and I'm dazzled. I was a kid in the 1970s, and I grew up on pop-music of the 1980s. That being said, I'm amazed at the familiarity of the songs. Anyway, I'm reading _Hammer of the Gods_. I hope to post and drop by on these forums. I just wanted to say: Rock On!
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