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Dot on Shaft Guitars

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Hi first and foremost I am Marketing Director for Dot on Shaft guitars in Canada

I will not add the link as I do not wish to be thrown off as a spammer, I have been truthful over my position and will be bringing these guitars to all parts of the world over the coming months.

We have built up a good working relationship with many top names in the industry and strive to be the best out there, under our umbrella we have band management. music schools, Charities, a school for Luthiers in the process of being built, to name a few, new CNC workshops will be added later this year in Ontario Canada.

We design and build our instrument to the highest standard but at a price that is affordable, if you would like to know more then check out Dot on Shaft its becoming a lifestyle, October 24 will see a concert to be held at CBC studios Toronto to raise money for music not mischief dot com this was set up to steer kids out of crime and into music and the Toronto sick kids hospital. there will also be an auction of signed guitars, again all proceeds going to the charities.

to sponsor this if you wish to be involved email me on


All the best


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