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Million Dollar Bash


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Rock writer/Dylan freak Sid Griffin attempts to crack one of music's great mysteries

Turn On the Basement Lights

By Justin F. Farrar


Image by courtesy of Jawbone Press


Million Dollar Bash: Bob Dylan, the Band, and the Basement Tapes

Jawbone Press

Music fans have been stuffed with enough Bob Dylan product to keep 'em fat through the next century. The music industry will pump out anything it can on the guy, no matter how repetitive or gratuitous. Dylan's longtime label, Columbia, just dropped yet another anthology of previously released material: the triple-disc set Dylan. And in October, Sony released the Other Side of the Mirror: Live at the Newport Folk Festival DVD. It's far more interesting than Dylan, but still, a lot of this footage already appears in numerous formats.

But there are always exceptions, and this time, it's Sid Griffin's book, Million Dollar Bash: Bob Dylan, the Band, and the Basement Tapes.

The Basement Tapes album might be rock's greatest mystery. In July of 1966, at the height of his popularity, Dylan crashed his motorcycle and suddenly dropped out of the spotlight amid a hurricane of rumors about nervous breakdowns, drug addiction, and even death.

You can read the rest of the interview here:


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