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-= Is Bastard Factory Forums the NEW Ramble On? =-

Veronica Bush

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Hi, Im new here. Been a fan since I can remember. Hope they tour in 2010!! I think they will from what I know.

I'm into exhibitionism, young swingers clubs and dark, random humor... I heard about zep.com thru ***-- a kickass new messageboard I spend too much time at.

They had a thread about your board and so I came over to say...... Hellllooooo! Who's made it over to the new Bastard Factory messageboard!? This has got to be the Largest FREE, general Humor/Music messageboard out there... not bad fetish forum either.


Alot of people from here have been signing up over there lately... just sayin'.

Any chance of us having an all girls forum over here??

Look forward to meeting alot of you.


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