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To: Jimmy Page

From: Jimmy Hawks

Re: Art work of Shannon St., Jackson, TN

Recently, I found a color pencil drawing of the corner of Shannon and Layafette St. during the 1950's.

I grew up working in a grocery store just across the street and immediately recognized the location.

I pursued this photo until I found the original drawing. It has a black theme, it was the black section of

the downtown area. Sonny Boy, Howlin Wolf, Furry Lewis, John Lee Hooker, Rufus Thomas, etc all played

in this immediate area. There were several beer joints/juke joints with in a few feet of this street sence.

The Green Beetle Tavern is in the drawing. It is striking and most colorful. The owner of the original knows

the names of all the people depected in the drawing. I know that you have an interest in this particular area.

Please let me know if you are interested in one of these drawings. I have a poor scanned image of the photo of a copy.

The new reproduction is being done by a professional color lab. I do expect these to turn out excellent.

It brought back memories of my childhood, I just wish I knew how great these guys were at the time.

The attached scan does not do this drawing justice. When I get the new ones back next week and if you are interested

I'll send a much better image.

Thanks for all the good tunes.

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