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Horrible use of Stairway to Heaven in local commercial.

Led Hed Dan

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Just wanted to inform you of a local politicians commercial in which they use "Stairway to Heaven." It is just awful. From everything I have heard, the band and management are generally very tight in use of their music in commercials and this just absolutely gets on my nerves as a huuuuuge, lifelong, Zeppelin fan.

It involves Alan Grayson, (or Greyson) a local politician here in Florida who refers to a rival politician building a stairway (I imagine in his own home) and the rival uses taxpayer money to do so.

The commercial changes the words to "and he's charged us for a stairway to nowhere" and poorly tries to imitate the original music. As I said, it is awful.

I just couldn't stand by and not try to alert somebody who might have a link to the band and their management, and inform them of this hidious use of the greatest song of all time.

I also attempted to send and email in the 'contact us' portion of the Led Zep.com official website. Unfortunately I don't know much about servers for outgoing and incoming email and could not get past this portion of the registration in order to send the email. If anyone knows, please feel free to post it here.. I use yahoo.. and I will check back later. I still have that window open and will send it to the webmaster@LedZeppelin.com if I am able to.

From a lifelong fan.

Led Hed Dan

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