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Bonzo and his Ludwig Maple drum kit -Double Bass.


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Here is a pic of Bonzo using the double bass Ludwig-maple kit in 1969. I know who owns this kit and have talked to him thru emails before. Paul Thompson of Roxy Music owns the kit and he was friends with Bonzo and told me about partying with them on the Starship on the US 1975 tour. If Jason Bonham didn't do the '07 reunion-which he was the right person- (not Dave Grohl for sure) :rolleyes: I would have the upmost support for Paul Thompson to have done it. I have posted a pic of Paul Thompson with Bonzos's kit- he doesn't have the 2nd bass drum in the 1st pic because he is not a double bass player but he does have the 2nd bass drum and you can see it in the 2nd pic of Paul.

There is also a link to Paul's influences and Mr. Bonham is his main influence.

Bonzo -Anaheim, California August 9, 1969


Paul Thompson-with Bonzos kit-minus the 2nd bass drum.


Paul Thompson- with Bonzos kit- 2nd bass drum set up


Paul Thompson's influences:

My link

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