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money, music

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hi im todd a master carpenter furniture builder by trade, and a inventer whos going to make a lot of $ and a drumer who can play led zep songs over the hills and far away,ramble on,houses of the holy,kashmir,in the evening,all my love,communication break down,dazed and confused,babe im gonna leave you,heartbreaker,since Ive been loven you,stairway to heaven,i love music,and to play it on drums,music is a powerful tool,i beleve ,my life is going to change in a big way in future,todd!other songs, i can play daniel band,reality,bloodgood,you lose,barren cross,the unsaspected,amadgenary music,rod stewart,hot legs,tonights the night,def lepard,pour some sugar on me,just to name a few,well total pip,

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