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What are your top ten Led Zepellin songs of all time?

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As excruciating a task as this may be, at some point you have to take a stand and pick your favorites. But with a catalog as extensive and critically acclaimed as Led Zepellin's, it's hard to narrow down what those songs are. I typed "best led zepellin songs" into Google and finally found Led Zep's GoRankem artist page. As you can see over 60 members have ranked their favorite Led Zepellin songs, Stairway being an inevitable number one. I decided to shake things up a bit and submitted my rankings just a few minutes ago. You can submit up to twenty but here's my top ten:

1) Tangerine

2) The Lemon Song

3) Whole Lotta Love

4) Ramble On

5) The Crunge

6) Houses of the Holy

7) Stairway to Heaven

8) Hey Hey What Can I Do

9) Moby Dick

10) That's the Way

Be interested to see what everyone else's are and let's get some of those deeper tracks moved up on Led Zep's ranking page.

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