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Time out of Time

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It is the energy in the air. Several months ago, I started listening to Led Zeppelin again after a long hiatus, and with older, wiser ears, I found new things to be awed by in the old music. I started reading about the band members, and feeling a deeper appreciation. I read interviews, looked at what these guys have been doing since 1980, looking back and looking forward. I didnt think I could be more delighted than when Robert Plant teamed up with another favorite artist, Alison Krauss.....her voice smooths and adds shimmer to Roberts, like two present-day honeydrippers.....until. The O2.

A good band and a good concert is like being in a magic circle that really "clicks", the mundane world passes loses its grip, time warps and changes; there is only the band, at the center, the audience lending energy, and everything else falls away.

This time, past, present, and future came together. There were the older, piquant, sometimes painful flashes of all that had been, and all that ended in 1980. Faces older. Music deeper and richer. Every note and every movement honoring who Led Zeppelin were, and who they are now. A younger face at the drums! Was Bonzo there? Only the four on stage could say that.

This was something these four had decided to do. Magic and music can be addictive. You want that feeling again. Do you choose to be content with a beautiful moment, a time out of time, or do you decide to take that energy and run with it. Is it sustainable? Only they can decide, again, whether to re-create something. I know I would like to see more original material crafted by these men. I can't see the point in playing the same songs over and over: you can only recycle a song "X" number of times. But maybe...maybe there is time, and room, for more material, based on the future, based on some limitless potentials that have not yet been fully tapped. And while time in Circle stands still, and changes, Time, in the world of men, is measurable and inexorable. It snaps at their heels. What they decide to do with it is the key.

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