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Please vote for "A Life in the Death of Joe Meek" for IndieWire's Project of the Week


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Alright fellow Zeppelin fans, I *know* we can all be unified and take action towards a great cause in the best interest of music, so let's take a moment to do it now:

If you'd like to watch/hear Jimmy Page, Steve Howe, Keith Strickland, and several other musical greats share their thoughts about the many contributions of UK recording pioneer Joe Meek, then PLEASE help this documentary take one step closer to a theater near you, by voting for it here:


Also, please support and/or share the film's Kickstarter link:


Third, there was already a discussion started about this film in another area of this forum, so I'll link it here for more background information on it:


And last, but certainly not least - a big, heartfelt THANK YOU! It's fans such as yourself who have kept this completely independent, DIY project (and vision) alive and kicking for nearly a decade.

Please vote and share the links all weekend - voting ends Monday, October 1st!



Web: http://www.joemeekdoc.com

Kickstarter: http://kck.st/SyKsgd

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JoeMeekDoc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/palmdoorfilms

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