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Another cool Jimmy Page story


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I worked with this lady on a midnight shift last January, and she just recently got married. She was telling me that her husband plays drums and has been in and out of band for almost his whole life. I haven’t heard him play, but suppose ably, he's really good.

He was with one band and they were touring down by Key West, and Jimmy Page was at the bar that they were doing their gig. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet was that the drummer is a HUGE Zeppelin fan. The guy is crazy on Zepp., bless his heart. Jimmy asked if he could play a couple of songs with his band. The band said that he could play the whole gig with them.

So here is the ultimate Zeppelin dream come true for this guy. He plays a whole gig full of his songs and Zeppelin songs. At the end of the gig and everybody left except for Jimmy and the band, he has him sign all of the Zeppelin memorabilia that he has been buying while on tour. Jimmy signs it "Jimmy Fuckin Page".

The lady that I worked with told me that at 4:00 in the morning she got a call from him screaming and hollering about playing with Jimmy Fuckin Page. He apparently called everyone he knew at 4:00 in the morning because his mom and relatives were talking about the next day. They were happy but didn't see the need for him to call so late at night.

She told me that they have a room in their house were all of his Zeppelin things are held and placed with the legendary signature. She took a picture of the room and of Zeppelin autographs and showed them to me.

I just want to shake the mans hand, but I got laid off before I ever had the chance.

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