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Zep-related song

Earl of Court

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Hi everyone,

I hope this is an appropriate thread for this post. I wanted to let you know about an old song of mine which I've just put online at https://soundcloud.com/#rikky-1-2/when-all-the-lights-go-down

This song was recorded to mark the 25th anniversary in 2000 of Led Zeppelin's five-night stint at Earl's Court. I composed it after having a dream about the gig. It isn't intended to sound like Zep though it has a little of the feel of 'Tangerine'. This version is 'studio' in contrast to an alternate version I created which made the track sound like a live concert. I hope you like it. I recorded some other tracks at the time which were meant to sound like Zep and I mixed them like an Earl's Court audience bootleg. They were the fruit of an obsession with the gig (I'm in good company on that one, I believe) and a frustrated desire back then to hear some new Zep songs. Of course there weren't any, so I tried to write something like it. The project was fun to compose and record. For example, on my own songs I never get to play Jimmy Page-type solos ... :D

Earl of Court

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