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Greetings and Felicitations

Lex Quintus

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Hey so I shoulda guessed long ago that such a place existed, but when I heard about it recently I had to come check it out. Hello to all.

Zeppelin I & II (not necessarily in that order) were largely responsible for the grades, good and bad, which I got in college. In jr high school they were responsible only for the bad grades ;) , and in high school pretty much just the good ones. If that makes sense. When I was learning how to play guitar it was always Zeppelin stuff that I tried to pick out--the 12-bar progression, the riffs, the depth, the hooks...like falling into the Ocean.

I think I have everything but Coda on vinyl and/or cassette. Yeah, I still have cassettes, though as of November no longer a vehicle in which to play them.

The early-90s box set is all I have on CD, strangely enough.

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