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Burn YOur own best of

I remember seeing this in NME magazine a while ago was a double page on "how to buy led zeppelin" thought i'd share it. The description are from the mag as well.

Kashmir - Robert Plant loves this one . So does P Diddy he sampled it on 'Come with me'

Trampled Under Foot - Total stomper, and could even call itself proto hip hop

Nobody's Fault but Mine - This late Zeppelin tune shows how far they got in their career without losing the magic.

Black Dog - A funky, chunky riff created by John Paul Jones and inspired by bluesman Muddy Waters 'electric mud'

Communication Breakdown - 2.30 of raunch.The best showcase for Plants incredible wailing vocal talents.

Custard Pie - The ultimate rock-out song (and thats saying something) and much harder than 'whole lotta love'

When The Levee Breaks - The greatest - and closing- song on 'IV' with Plant on harmonica and John 'Bonzo' Bonham at his very best.

Immigrant Song - Made famous again when used on the Jack Black school of rock.

Going To California - Plant could have any woman he wanted, apart from Joni Mitchell who this delicate tune is dedicated to.

The Girl I love she got long black wavy hair - Stripped down but still filthy.An often overlooked song in the bands canon.

Heartbreaker - You can hear the satanic forces at work in Page's guitar-playing.Much loved by Kurt Cobain.A nirvana version features on the box set ' with the lights out'

Misty mountain Hop - Catchy, touched by the hand of JRR Tolkein, and apparently beatle George Harrisons favourite zeppelin tune.

Travelling Riverside Blues - A twisted version of bluesman Robert Johnsons's song

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