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Hear the New Nada Surf Record In It's Entirety


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I kinda wrote 'em off way back when their Popular video was all over MTV but picked up The Weight Is A Gift a couple of years ago which I loved so much I purchased the album before it, Let Go. Nada Surf are definitely among my most favorite current bands. I keep missing them in concert but hope to finally catch 'em the next time they swing through here.

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Beautiful Beat: Nada Surf Rides On


Writer: Amanda Petrusich, photo by Peter Ellenby

Can I tell you about the nerdiest thing I did recently?” Matthew Caws asks, leaning in, voice conspiratorial. We’re squirreled away in the back of a café in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, eating sandwiches and trading dorky anecdotes. I nod vigorously, and he continues: “I’ve moved a few times in the last few years, and because of circumstance, I culled my records down to a hundred or something. And I was ?ipping through them trying to browse, but now that we’re all so spoiled by iTunes and CDs, record spines seem really hard to read.” He pauses. “This is so ultimately nerdy, but they’re hard to read because the color ?elds keep switching—if the color ?elds were the same, it would be easier to read the type. So I thought: I’ll put them in color order! It was the most exciting hour of my life. It looks like a sand sculpture. I think I have a picture of it in my phone,” he says, ri?ing through his pockets.

You can read the rest of the article here:


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