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Chicago Tribune - March 1, 1985

MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING . . . For ``a reasonable sum,`` a group of Nebraska lawyers who formed a rock band called The Firm dropped threatened legal action against a group of British rock stars, including former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who also call their band The Firm.

Chicago Tribune - March 5, 1985

Tony Franklin, Chris Slade, Bad Company`s Paul Rodgers and Led Zeppelin`s Jimmy Page , known collectively as The Firm, arrived in town Sunday and will use Chicago as their home base during their Midwestern tour. No second-class travelers, they; Chicago Limousine`s Al and Harold Golub report that members of the group travel in four limos.

Chicago Tribune - May 17, 1988

Things were getting extremely tense backstage at Madison Square Garden Saturday night as Atlantic Records` 40th anniversary show headed toward its much-publicized climax: a reunion of the rock group Led Zeppelin. With the HBO live cameras rolling and only half an hour to go before the reunion, guitarist Jimmy Page still had not showed up and no one had any idea where he might be found. Alternate plans, like sending Robert Plant out for a solo performance, were being discussed when Page strolled in about 15 minutes before show time, looking as if there were nothing wrong with him that a few quiet months in the country wouldn`t cure.

Chicago Tribune - August 17, 1997

Robert Plant said he'd never again collaborate full-time with his former bandmate in Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page , because it would be "like dating your ex-wife; you might want to take her out to dinner, but you wouldn't want to make love to her afterward."

In the Groove: Great Drummers Of Rock Music

Chicago Sun-Times - January 16, 1994

7. John Bonham

It's impossible to underestimate the importance of the late John Bonham to Led Zeppelin's sound; his powerful right foot virtually redefined the role of the bass drum in rock.

Besides being one of the hardest hitters ever and a role model for every metal drummer who followed, Bonham was a pioneer who crafted complex but driving rhythms that lovingly caressed Jimmy Page 's guitar riffs. And - "Moby Dick" and his after-hours activities aside - he did it with a minimum of fuss.

Choice cuts: the turn-about rhythm of "Living Loving Maid"; the earth-shaking tracks "Kashmir" and "When the Levee Breaks," and the ebullient "Dancing Days."

Here's the entire list:

1. Frank Kirkland

2. Ringo Starr

3. Charlie Watts

4. Clyde Stubblefield

5. Maureen Tucker

6. Nick Mason

7. John Bonham

8. Tommy Ramone

9. John Maher

10. Bill Berry

Book sluts: When groupies decide to divulge celebrity secrets, you don't have to read between the lines ... you must read between the sheets

Chicago Sun-Times (IL) - January 21, 2007


Author: Pamela Des Barres

Excerpt: "From the moment Jimmy [Page ] slid his small velvet-clad ass across the seat of the limo ... we cooed and giggled like doves in heat ... I kissed and slobbered all over the inside crease of his slim white arm until he rolled his head back against the plush seat gasping 'Oh, Pamela! Yes, yes, yes!' "

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