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Grieving Angel (or, What Happened to alt.country?)


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“I saw the writing on the wall, with the Americana movement…I started to see country-western reproduction shirts at the Gap, and once something gets that big, it’s over.” - Darin Wald, Big Ditch Road.

“Do you mean Gram Parsons is dead?” - Larry Oster-Burg (Michael Shannon), Grand Theft Parsons

Historical periods, art movements, ice ages; you’re never really sure when one begins or ends. Art especially, with its constant action/reaction sequences, is vaguely defined from one movement to the next. We do tend to agree, however, that there is a start and there is an end, even if they are ill-defined. No Depression magazine announced earlier this month that their next issue would be their last and it’s hard not to see this as a bellwether for the movement it championed: alt-country.

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