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Hey Girl n Guys. . .

I have a band based out of NY called ZäNKT

We are heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin

I wanted to stop in say hello, and send some links for you all to see and hear.

In the late spring, the original band ZäNKT has new songs being released on a Led Zeppelin tribute CD. These songs will be on a CD sampler introducing new unsigned bands with Zeppelin style influence.... ( That would def be us, LOL )

In the summer, "Led ZäNKT" will be hitting the road doing shows attributed to Led Zeppelin.

The band has a killer, heavy, live sound like Zepp themselves....

You can get a better view of the band ZäNKT at the links below, I hope you take a chance to hear what we have brewing . . .

The links should be in the signature, but if not . .

ZäNKT - www.myspace.com/ZaNKT - Original band

Led ZäNKT - www.myspace.com/LedZaNKT - Tribute to Zeppelin

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