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Radiohead Want You To Remix "Nude"

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Radiohead want you to remix their new single, "Nude."

Fans can purchase five different "stems" (components) of the In Rainbows track on iTunes — the song's guitar, bass, vocals, strings/effects and drum parts — and then remix them however they choose. If fans buy all five stems, on April 11 they'll be emailed a code to a file that can be opened using the GarageBand computer program. GarageBand isn't necessary to remix the files, though, as the band's site states that the files are compatible with many music production and remixing programs.

Once fans have finished, they can upload their files to the band's remix site, where they'll be judged by fans until May 1. Fans can also create voting widgets for their website, Facebook or MySpace accounts. Thom Yorke and company will listen to the best remixes, and the present frontrunners are Toronto's Holy Fuck. You can hear their remix (along with others that have been uploaded) here. The single version of "Nude" hit U.K. stores on Monday.

The "Nude" remix challenge comes on the heels of Radiohead's current animated video contest, in which they've challenged fans to submit video ideas for any track on In Rainbows. Radiohead will choose the winner on July 7.

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