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'Don't Label Us' Zeppelin on Japan Tour


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Don't Label Us'

Zeppelin' On Japan Tour

Pacific Starts & Stripes October 2,1972


SS.S Staff Writer

TOKYO—"We don't feel

that our music can really

be categorized or labeled

because it encompasses a

number of styles and types

of music," said the members

of the Led Zeppelin.

The four-man British rock

group opening a two week concert

tour of Japan Monday held

a press conference Saturday at

the Hilton Hotel.

"Music falls into a certain category

because people judge it

the wrong way," explained the


"There's as great a variety in

the music we play as there is in

what we each like. As a group

we have to draw influences from

everywhere in the music field to

get a well-rounded idea of what

areas there are to explore and

expand on," said Jimmy Page

guitarist and group leader.

Page formed Led Zeppelin in

1968. After a year of performances

throughout England the

group traveled to the U.S. and

made their debut at the 1969

Newport Jazz Festival. The

group received immediate recognition

and a short time laterbegan the climb

to success.

"We've received platimun

discs for each of the four albums

we've recorded since 1968"

stated Page.

Platinum discs are presented

when an album has sold over

two million copies.

Zeppelin is working on a new

album which will be released

some time in November.

"When you start recording,

you find that what it is you want

your song to say takes time and

a variety of styles to actually

put it into music. I think that is

the main reason we've only had

album releases," explained Robert

Plant, vocalist for the group.

Zeppelin has been together for

nearly five years. Unlike most

musical artists they have no desire

or future plans to break

away from their "group" success.

"We think alike and our tastes

are all basically the same. We

enjoy putting our music together

and are generally pleased with

the results. There is no reason

for any one of us to quit the

group and try it solo," Page explained.

While speaking out on controversial

issues of the day seems to comprise

a majority of the songs on the record charts

today, Zeppelin is satisfied to

express simply what they feel,

"we're musicians not politicians,"

said Page.

Led Zeppelin will begin their

two week tour of Japan Monday

at 6:30 p.m. when they open for

two days at Tokyo's Budokan

Hall. Other scheduled performances

include Oct. 4, 6 p.m Osaka

Festival Hall; Oct. 5, 6-30

p.m., Nagoya City Hall; Oct. 9, 6

p.m., Osaka Festival Hall, and

Oct. 10, 8:30 p.m

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