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The Trips Festival DVD


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Just got this in an e-mail from the Homegrown Music Network:


The Trips Festival DVD

Eric Christensen's thought-provoking documentary chronicles the genesis, existence, and still-lingering aftermath of the event that launched a million others hoping to be like it - The Trips Festival. Sometimes noted as the first incident of what would quickly become "rave" culture, the event is revealed to have a much farther-reaching impact than its creators and attendees could have imagined at the time. Spearheading a revolution in live music, lighting, and production, The Trips Festival was also a social and cultural landmark that touched off the movement that led to the "Summer of Love" and byond.

Including music, interviews, and photography featuring Ken Kesey, Bill Graham, Stewart Brand, The Grateful Dead, Carolyn Garcia, Rock Scully, Big Brother & The Holding Company, and dozens more important figures from this landmark time in U.S. history, this is a highly enjoyable and educational feature that has a place in classrooms and living rooms alike.

Here's what critics are saying about The Trips Festival Movie:

"Long before there were raves and the Burning Man Festival, there was the Trips Festival. Many point to this wild weekend in San Francisco, in January, 1966, as the beginning of The Sixties. Eric Christensen's "The Trips Festival" offers plenty of direct evidence. But this is not another exercise in hippie nostalgia. It thoughtfully connects yesterday with today...and tomorrow." Ben Fong-Torres, Former Senior Editor, Rolling Stone

"I would have liked to have been there, to have experienced such a seminal event first hand. No such luck. The closest I've come to getting what it must have been like, and to really understanding its countercultural significance, was through Eric Christensen's enlightening documentary..." Paul Liberatore, The Marin Independent Journal.

"One cannot underestimate the significance of the Trips Festival. Without the sprawling psychedelic event that took place on January 21-23, 1966 in San Francisco's Longshoreman's Hall, there would be no modern music festivals or raves....Eric Christensen does an excellent job of documenting the tremendous impact of the Trips Festival, and since it is mankind's duty to understand where we came from and where we are going, this film should be required viewing." Brian Ferdman, Jambands.com

Main Feature 60 minutes

Bonus Features Original Trips Festival movie (approx. 30 minutes)

Released March 2008

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