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Longest Pop Song in History Keeps Growing


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'The Glitch' keeps growing


Star-Ledger Staff

A decade ago, Chris Butler set out to write the world's longest pop song-- and succeeded.

His 69-minute ditty, titled "The Devil Glitch," landed in the "Guinness Book of World Records" as the longest pop song in history.

But it wasn't long enough for the Hoboken songwriter.

So, Butler recently launched a website-- The Major Glitch (dev.majorglitch.hypermediati ve.net)-- to invite the public to upload their own music and lyrics to add to the song.

It's working. "The Devil Glitch" now clocks in at more than an hour and a half.

Butler, the former head of the 1980s new-wave band The Waitresses, took time away from his musical blogging experiment to talk about the project.

What's the story behind "The Devil Glitch"?

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