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Yardbirds Taking Off Separately


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Yardbirds Taking Off Separately

August 2, 1968—Van Nuys (Calif.)

Upon completion in mid-June of their U.S. tour, the

Yardbirds made a decisions to disband.

"The split is an amicable one," says lead guitarist

Jimmy Page who, along with bassist Chris Dreja,

will continue using the Yardbirds name.

"Keith Relf and Jim McCarty have left to pursue

their individual musical ideas," Page said.

Page has returned to London to start auditioning for a

new drummer and vocalist. He also plans to incorporate

a mellotron into the new act. This will be played by

the vocalist.

"No one has ever toured with one before; it's a very

delicate instrument" Page stated. Utilizing a system of

tape casettes, the mellotron is able to simulate the sound

of any instrument. In outward appearance

and operation it is similar to

an organ.

The new group, to be billed as the Yardbirds Featuring

Jimmy Page, will return to the states in October

for a series of college concerts.

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