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Led Zeppelin: tough group with a whole lotta love


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"Spins and Needles"

Led Zeppelin: tough group with a whole lotta love



Last week, Spins and Needles went to the International Inn for our long awaited date with the world's

most popular group, Led Zeppelin. It was 3 a.m., the show had run very late, however the group didn't appear to be dragging; they were full of fun, life and love.

Unlike the impression their music may give, Zeppelin are not tough characters; they are not star struck. They are the every-day-people types; just four regular down-to-earth chaps that have a lot of fun running the world playing their music.

The first thing Jimmy Page did was to call for some tea. "Please send tea for 25" he told the voice on the other end of the phone, there were five of us in the room, and John Bonham said "Well you never know when friends might drop in" in a slightly too posh English accent which sent the rest of the group into guffaws of laughter.

High flying, blonde and beautiful lead vocalist, Robert Plante (sic) commented on the night's performance; "We're not exactly happy about what went down tonight, it was hard to really get into it because of the sound. Our music demands a great deal of equipment for one thing and the

building we were in wasn't too hot on the old acoustics was it?" I had to agree with him.

John Paul Jones said, "It was just an unfortunate set of circumstances, we don't blame anybody for it, I think you lot did a pretty good job, what with all the groups pitching in with their equipment and your local sound people, with such short notice. I feel sorry for the cats that lost all their sound system out there in the rain. Their insurance company is going to have a fit when they find out

what happened!"

The group tells me that their third and latest album will be released under the title of Led Zeppelin III, in about three weeks. Well, Winnipeg has had their super-stars, but I wonder if they really appreciated them.

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