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Roger Berlin

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    Berlin, Germany
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  1. Yes Steve, that's the plan for this year in November. Deb's and Bob are my friends Zep. I have it, never Geshen live. But I know that they are good friends Zep. I am looking forward to my recent visit to USA. Twice I was already there. Deb's Bob Steve Ja Steve, das ist der Plan für dieses Jahr im November. Deb's and Bob sind meine Zep Freunde. Ich habe sie, noch nie live geshen. Aber ich weiß es, das sie gute Zep Freunde sind. Ich freue mich sehr auf meinen letzten USA Besuch. Zweimal war ich ja schon dort. Deb's Bob Steve
  2. Yes Steve, is confused. Thank you for your clippings. My secound book is published, now. Look my website or here : p.s. end of this year, I coming to USA ( Frisco, L.A. , Las Vegas and New york ) See us ??? Roger
  3. Thank you
  4. Your welcome, Deb Your german friend, Roger
  5. Secound book from Roger Berlin on autumn 2015
  6. Juni updates 2222 and 6666 Roger Belin
  7. 30.11.2014 Updates !!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi ? Look my website 1980 All cover insite. Roger Berlin
  9. I have see, Deb's. Thank you for the link. Roger
  10. Hi Tony Look my new website. 2016 coming "Led Zeppelin and their concerte" TO READ !!! Roger
  11. November Updates Now What is new? A slightly different website. New photos from the museum. Photos from Jimmy Page visit in Berlin on 23.10.2014. You can in the book "For or more magazines" daily. And you can daily to the new book "Led Zeppelin and Their concerts". Have fun Roger Berlin
  12. I answere to morrow. Jimmy Page is in Berlin. Tomorror in the radio. Look here : Roger Berlin
  13. Thank you for the feedback's. November updates and a new front website, sooooooooon 2162 magazines 6308 articles and a new button with Jimmy Page visite in Berlin 23.10.2014 Roger Berlin
  14. Jimmy Page in german TV Interview to day