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  1. Thanks Steve. I found this in It's noted as San Bernardino August 8, 1969.
  2. Is the first from San Bernardino or Anaheim? It's been noted as San Bernardino but I think it's Anaheim. SteveAJones can you confirm please. The second one is from Anaheim. The locations look identical.
  3. I'm not impressed with the snubbing he got especially when Plant and Page still played Zeppelin songs in an Unledded tour. I find that hypocritical.
  4. What's the source on Bonzo and Hendrix.
  5. Steve can you confirm Carmen' s birthday. I read October 21, 1968 and November 21, 1968. Which is it? Thanks.
  6. Why can't I open the jpg files. They say not found.
  7. Thank you. No wonder I couldn't find it. Date is wrong. Thanks again.
  8. Is this the same presentation? I can't find any other award presentation for March 1973. Jonesy doesn't have a beard in this one but he does in the Chat Noir photo.
  9. Do you know what year it was taken? It's a few years before Knebworth.
  10. Can you confirm that the attached picture Karen has on her fb page is truly Mr. Page. I saved it from Karen's page.
  11. By far the best picture of John. My favorite.❤ Does anyone know where it was taken?