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  1. Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me to go about changing the name of my account, or would i have to delete it and create a new one, if so how would i go about doing this. not sure if this is the right section to post a question like this, there seemed to be no tech help. cheers.
  2. i'd say jimmy, lemmy, mr. clapton aaaand robert?
  3. excuse me, uhm mr jones. do you have more of those photos that are larger (the David LeVine ones?) the one that has the whole band sitting backstage?
  4. does anyone have any of the other david levine photos as large as the one lady raven posted. all the others are very small. it actually was september 1971, about three days or so before he had the les paul custom stolen off him. note the three different selector knobs, which he had added. they only come with one, as can be seen 1970 Royal Albert Hall dvd. ;D
  5. I'm not sure if these are any help. but yeah 1970 with his Black Beauty.
  6. i mentioned i'd seen it before (the happenings one) love how page is playing becks esquire (not the tele that later became pages) didn't someone mention them doing rack my mind on tv?
  7. ohh does anyone have acess to that footage?! the only beck+page footage i've seen is from blow up (stroll on) and them doing happenings on a weird tv show. (both lead guitar) and the one from france where page is on bass and beck on guitar.
  8. I know Jimmy Page bows the guitar continually through that track. and it has "flanging/Phasing" on it. I always played it with the low E tuned down to a D. that helps make it drone like a sitar.
  9. i play blues guitar, bass, harmonica. alot of folk acoustic. kinda of led zeppelin/pentangle/neil young. countryish stones (sweet virginia) bit of slide as well. i'm in a band and we got some free studio time, a friend of mine does an audio engineering course at a music institute. haven't gotten the songs back off him though. still being mastered. there are some songs here www.myspace.com/theaerovons only recorded with one mic while we got our jam on. so don't judge them to harshly.
  10. Fender Esquire (single pickup telecaster) Vox Wah Danelectro Reel Echo Vox AC30 and 4x12 cabinet
  11. VOX AC30 yeah! i love mine, personally i wouldn't shell out money for a marshall unless i needed the volume of a 100watt amp, and would buy a reissue 1959SLP. or even a Metropolus copy. here is me with my Fender Esquire (single pickup telecaster ala jeff beck era yardbirds) And some of the Amp in the backgronud of playing with the band.
  12. i play slide guitar as well. its more than ok to play in standard (EADGBE) tuning. Jeff Beck did it all the time, Jimmy Page plays You Shook Me in regular tuning. Try an open G tuning (DGDGBD) ala travelling riverside blues, rollin' and a tumblin' i prefer to play with a metal slide on my ring finger. you need to use your free index and middle finger to rest on the strings just behind the slide to stop excessive noise and string movement. that coupled with a light and smooth movement should work. also if you want to get good vibrato with a slide, don't put the slide over your whole fi
  13. i got this for christmas! haven't read it yet, busy on claptons effort. but i had a sneak peak at the bit about the jeff beck group (love them) chuckled a bit when i read the part about led zeppelin. if anything it would be as a second or "rhythm" guitarist for the band. jimmy page contemplated his old session friend Big Jim Sullivan, and if he had gotten steve marriot, marriot would have played guitar as well as singing. also interesting to note, led zeppelin thaught of theiving Nicky Hopkins from the JBG as well.
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