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  1. Look, I have tried for years to add Zeppelin to my Ticketmaster account and they didn't exist in the database. I'm not trying to bullshit anyone, in fact I mentioned this in a thread on the old forum before the O2 concert. If I had ever been able to sign up for these alerts I wouldn't be bringing it up now. Exactly when they were added I can't say for sure, but immediately following the O2 gig they didn't exist according to Ticketmaster.
  2. I just noticed that there is now a full band bio on the ticketmaster site. Apparently something recently caused them to go from an "Unknown band or artist" to a legendary rock band.
  3. For years I have tried to add "Led Zeppelin" to my Ticketmaster account for alerts and ticketing information. My thinking was that "keyword" would get me email alerts for Page, Plant, tribute bands, etc.... The result ALWAYS came back as "This band or artist does not exist in our database". This was still the case following the O2 show last year. Well....... Today I was able to add "Led Zeppelin" as an artist on my Ticketmaster account. I'm not sure what it means, or if it means anything at all, but perhaps they are gearing up for something.
  4. I respect Tyler's work with (early) Aerosmith, but for some reason the thought of him performing Zeppelin material triggers the gag reflex. Original stuff would be worth a listen but his style would butcher classic LZ in my opinion. Personally I would prefer Chris Robinson (or Ann Wilson) over Tyler.
  5. I love Cornell as much as anyone and have seen him numerous times with Soundgarden and Audioslave. But from one night to the next his voice could either be great or make you cringe. Back in the day, NOBODY could scream like Cornell but unfortunately it took it's toll. I don't think it would work for the old stuff, but new material would be interesting.
  6. That would be awesome, f**K Steven Tyler. I don't know how much Chris has left though, the years of screaming shredded his voice. I'm sure it would be incredible in the studio, but live might be a different story. In other news.... Ann Wilson has reportedly been sleeping on Jimmy's lawn.
  7. If Jimmy renames the band, what would be a good name? "LSD" (Lead Singer's Disease) "The Daisy Cutters" "Jimmy's Last Stand" "Jump The Shark" "SOS" (Short One Sod) "Dickless" "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" "Buggered" "Abandon Ship"
  8. OMG... What's up with the guy with the huge camera? How the hell did he get that in, it's the size of an Uzi.... The guy right behind him was taping the show
  9. Yeah, he is really the pioneer of douchebaggery. I remember when the whole thing started on the Sherdog MMA forum back in 06. There was a thread about him and his assclown friends that went well over 600+ pages (it may still be going). Perhaps the funniest thread I've ever seen in my life and it spawned the whole anti douchebag movement. Here is another source of humor. NJGuido.com I grew up in NJ and these lame asses are a total disgrace.
  10. Lee Hotti and his band of douchebags "Even Boy George would yell fag if he saw them"
  11. Yeah, I can. How about a candidacy based on her own merits instead of basing policy decisions on popularity polls, and riding the coat tails of her "husband?". Oh wait...That's impossible. What the fuck has she ever done ON HER OWN that would qualify her to run this country? She can't even control her husband (or have the guts to leave him) let alone run a world superpower. Anyone who would vote for this broad either has their head impacted in their ass, or is clinically brain dead. Enough is enough with the Clinton's and Bushes, it's time for some new blood, and some new ideas. ANYONE
  12. I completely agree, and said the same thing in another thread. There is no guarantee that a new album would be any good, let alone to the standard they have already set for themselves. The responses I got were "How could it not be good, it's Zeppelin!!!" or "Jimmy wouldn't release an album that's crap." Knee jerk responses like that are just nonsense IMO. I hate to break it to all the fanboys out there who think it's impossible for them to lay an egg but... The odds are against them putting out a new album that measures up to what they did in the 60's and 70's. And unfortunately that is the
  13. That is also a possibility but I didn't want people slitting their wrists, so I didn't want to be the one to say it. Now the blood is on your hands
  14. With all the speculation about a DVD being released, why automatically assume that it will be the entire Zeppelin set? It could just be segments of every band that played that night with proceeds going to the Ahmet fund. I wouldn't get all excited about a full Zep set on DVD until it's announced by the band, and even then it might be a year down the road before it's released.
  15. Want some cheese with your whine? If they want to tour they can regardless of their immediate obligations. Why does everyone in this world constantly demand something RIGHT NOW?
  16. Perhaps not, but I guarantee Kate Moss or her management kicked in a bigger donation to the Ahmet Fund than your weepy friend could have. This WAS a charity gig first and foremost man. If they announce a tour and the same shenanigans take place at every venue you might have a valid point. Unfortunately, I don't think it will be celebrities scoffing up all the tickets, but the guy who is willing to eat oatmeal for a month just to overpay for a ticket.
  17. I hate to break it to you Ned but getting shafted is just a part of life. This won't be the last time so get used to it. Until you are in a position of power or have some clout in the industry, you as a consumer will continue to get bent over, and then come back for more. If there is a show you really want to see, you are going to bend over and spread your ass cheeks because if you don't there are a thousand others that will. I know it, you know it, and so does Goldsmith. Do you really think Goldsmith cares what you or I think? I mean, people were threatening to have him tarred and feat
  18. IMPORTANT LETTER? Need a tissue? To me it looks like another long winded rant about a topic that was discussed to death months ago.
  19. I was just thinking the same thing.... With all of the ignorant threads and infantile tirades about tours and Plant/Krauss, it's an embarrassment to all of us. I really hope they aren't reading any of this.
  20. Perhaps the answer can be found in the "Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones" thread.
  21. Sounds like Plant to me. I've always wondered what was going on in there but bleed through is probably accurate.
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