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  1. That's Page with the band Detective who were on the Swan Song label. Looks like 1975 or 1976 when Zeppelin were hanging out in California.
  2. Cool photo. Jimmy Page changed into the white satin during Bonzo's drum solo. It doesn't completely come across how animated Jimmy was at these shows. His every physical move was in sync with music. My sister-in-law was at the opening show with me. She's a huge Mick Jagger fan and she said of Page after she saw him - " Jimmy Page has class!"
  3. A classic moment caught on film! Thanks for unearthing these photos Jetcat. I remember being taken aback at how skinny Jimmy's arms were when he wore that outfit. It wasn't as noticeable the other 3 Chicago shows when he wore the white dragon suit.
  4. Yes I did zeplz71. It's the one written by Joe Schmidt. The Easter Sunday concert was the best of the 4 Chicago shows. Indelible memories.
  5. Yes, that was me. I had written a series about my experiences of seeing Zeppelin in Chicago 1977. Initially for the Electric Magic forum in 2007. Never reposted them on this official forum when it switched over later that year. They are posted in the timeline.
  6. I'm in agreement.. I actually saw Jimmy Page collapse onstage in Chicago 1977. When Bonzo died in 1980, other than Deathwish 2 you had no idea what was up with Jimmy. When he did reappear at the ARMS shows in 1983, it was shocking to see how bad he looked. It was obvious he was suffering. Many on this forum have unrealistic expectations of him. Almost a hostility. I'm happy he survived it all and he seems to be enjoying his life.
  7. I never put much stock in Jimmy releasing any more solo material. The solo artist path doesn't seem to be an enjoyable one for him. Page doesn't operate in a vacuum in regards to releasing Zeppelin material. Someone should ask Plant or Jones why nothing has been released to coincide with Zeppelin's 50th anniversary.
  8. No good deed goes unpunished. God forbid Jimmy Page enjoy his life.
  9. R.I.P. Scott Walker. A majestic artist. The voice of an angel.
  10. Happy 75th birthday Maestro Jimmy Page! A true musical alchemist who has inspired so many.
  11. Those crash and ride cymbals are sizzling on We're Gonna Groove Great job
  12. Her most vivid memory is hearing Stairway To Heaven for the first time. Ever. It hadn't been released yet.
  13. Sounds great George! My wife grew up in central Florida and was at the Orlando show
  14. You can hear at about the 4:40 mark he breaks a string. Robert points it out after the song
  15. A topic never mentioned as far as the Page/ Plant relationship that went afoul. Did Page feel any resentment toward Robert Plant about Scarlett Page potentially being killed in the accident in Greece? Just because Jimmy doesn't write the lyrics how does anyone know how he felt about that situation.
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