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  1. Great shots Warby thanks for sharing! Love those seats too man, I had a similar view of Robert and The Who at MSG a few years ago. You can see everything from there.
  2. Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards say hello.... This has been a most entertaining thread. Kudos to all involved.
  3. Buy the newly released "The Song Remains The Same" DVD. It's on disc 2.
  4. Here's the difference, the Stones have been on the road virtually non stop since 65. Anyone who wanted to see them certainly had their chance. Zeppelin hasn't played the States since 77 and this would likely be the last time. Why would anyone want to have to deal with Metallica fans crashing the party, while Zep fans are shut out? Metallica will be around for a long time, let Zeppelin have their last moment in the sun on their own.
  5. Are you serious? If they only played 5 songs there would be a stampede at the box office. I'll bet there were people outside the O2 who would have paid face value just to see the encores. A tour at this point is speculation anyway, an opening act is even more speculation. It's possible that there could be an opening act but they certainly don't need one.
  6. It doesn't matter what decade it is, Zeppelin doesn't need an opening act. They would sell out any venue on their own within minutes. Other than you wanting to see it, why would they need Metallica?
  7. First off, I think it's been well established that if given a choice most of us don't want ANY opening act. They simply don't need one. Second, I like Metallica so that has nothing to do with me not wanting them playing at a Zeppelin show. Metallica could pose additional problems that perhaps you aren't considering, mainly ticket demand. It's going to be hard enough to score tickets to any Zep show without adding hardcore Metallica fans to the mix. I know some Metallica fans who don't like Led Zeppelin at all, but would eat their young to be at a Metallica show. Is that what we need? I
  8. Really? Walking Into Clarksdale was up to Zeppelin standards? I think not, in fact if it said Led Zeppelin on the cover it would be an embarrassment. Robert has had some solo success but he has laid a few eggs as well. Don't be so sure that new material "couldn't possibly" suck, the name alone guarantees triple platinum sales, but the content would likely be sub par. Macca, Jagger/Richards, Waters, Townshend, Springsteen, Dylan, etc.... All legendary songwriters, and none of them have put out anything that measures up in nearly 20 years. Clearly the creative well has run dry for most of the
  9. A reformed Bad Company. If nothing else it would get Paul Rodgers out of Queen....
  10. IMO there will eventually be 2 DVD's. One with a few songs from each band with proceeds to the Ahmet fund. And a complete DVD of the Zeppelin set with extras released by Page.
  11. I'd like to see new music too, but what if it's crap? Not saying it would be but there's always a risk. Look at the Stones and Macca, legendary songwriters who haven't put a decent album out in over 20 years. I don't know what it is about aging artists, but apparently there is a creative "window" they go through and once they lose it they REALLY lose it. There is no risk involved in touring the classics, and they could always slip in a new song or two without embarrassing themselves with a shitty album.
  12. The only place I'd want to see Metallica at a Zep concert is in the audience.
  13. Thanks. But I don't see anywhere in the article that Plant said no. ( I'm from Colonia, NJ BTW )
  14. Would have been great if not for the dickhead standing in the way. Sounds great though!
  15. They will be busy touring the US? Sounds like bullshit anyway but what source you are getting this from?
  16. This site resembled the first album cover yesterday. Even now I'm having problems navigating this site... I had to abandon ship here yesterday and get my news from another popular forum which was also slow.
  17. As of this moment, "Led Zeppelin" does not exist in the Ticketmaster artist database and hasn't for years. If and when that status changes, get ready folks, it's on.
  18. From what I've seen this was the highlight of the evening. Absofuckinlutely incredible!
  19. We'll see about that... I think the emotional condom he was wearing broke last night. Even the media who has never given this band it's due is going ga ga over the potential of a tour. Anything short of additional shows would be an epic letdown. You can bet that Jimmy isn't about to put the genie back in the bottle just yet....
  20. Jason was absolutely fantastic and proved once and for all that he belonged there. Just a fucking brilliant performance and more than anything I'm happy for him. You did it mate, you blew the roof off.
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