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  1. As I sit here and listen to Texas pop festival and get bitter as that set list could and should have been captured at Woodstock .The icing on the cake is that they were in asbury park New Jersey playing a show with joe cocker just hours before the festival started !!
  2. September 19,1970 and June 19,1972 Back To Back Trying Hard to figure witch one is Better.I wish The sound quality was a little better
  3. June 19 1972 or September 19 1970. I would love to have been at one of those shows .
  4. Is It Really a crime agianst nature to convert Flac to MP3?Sorry Im guilty I like to listen wnen I commute to work.Nothing like A 40 minute Dazed and Confused to kill a long ride.
  5. I got to agree In this day and age Paying for live shows Is insane!!!!!!!!!!
  6. No Shit did realize the date listening to flying circus
  7. What is The Best LA Show 75 I do Have The 24 and the 27 not the 25 Just asking for feedback?
  8. Hey can somebody give me a list of good matrix shows ??
  9. I'm sure its been mentioned here but got to go with June 19 1972.What a show!And also I was born that day.
  10. My problem is solved I had the swingin pig records version.All is well I found the complete show .When I was looking for that show I happened to see a show Called Tulsa symphony Ode To Joy Tulsa Oklahoma 70 Can anybody give me a review?
  11. I definitly Have the soundboard from april 27 Song remains the same fades in to start it off.There is no introduction of any songs and also i just realized rock and roll and trampled under foot is missing.I did just see a version called maximum destroyer EVSD maybe ill have better luck with that.
  12. I was Just listening to destroyer and the most recent version I have has no robert talking between songs or should i say plantations.Am i crazy or are there other versions with the plantations.If there is can some one tell me witch one to acquire.
  13. I'm sitting here listening to southHampton 73 and loving it i downloaded a new one today .I had a version i got some years back and the new one is so much better.Was there an upgrade that i had missed or is it just my Bose speakers?
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