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  1. Looks like you took this shot from my garden. lol I've lived next this tower for just under 30 years now. Butterfield court was modernized when they knocked Prince of Wales & Millfield court down in 1999. Butterfield court already had modernization work done prior to then though. It is the same tower block from the album though.. It used to be great when the 3 towers were up. They weren't full of druggies & prostitutes though. There were a few rogues, but you get that pretty much everywhere.
  2. No, it's ok thanks. I understand what ZoSo means now. Genius - among other things. I just wanted to do an image that combined all of the 4th album artwork together plus a few other symbols thrown in. Eve Hill & Butterfield court are in my picture as well. There's loads of hidden stuff included that's all started to make sense now. The image I done is above but it still needs tidying up. The image is also a clock. You just need to know the position of the orion stars to be able to use it. I sure wish I could talk to Jimmy Page or Robert Plant about all of this. lol Got a
  3. Sorry. Had to disappear. I realized I had left the 4 sticks of the hermit off the picture. I added them passing through the spectrum to form a birds nest, but in a way that still keeps the balance. I done that because Eve Hill is next to Wrens Nest. Just so happens that it all lines up with the pyramids & the orion stars. The stars and the pyramids are due for the big alignment pretty soon. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s98/Mit...pg?t=1225118166 Looks like it'll be better than Blackpool illuminations. lol Think I'll crack time travel before then ???
  4. Thanks a lot. I'm just trying to make sense of life. Is 666 a bad sign or good sign ?? or is it both ? + = The Knights Templar cross A = The Cap Stone http://s150.photobucket.com/albums/s98/Mit...EofDIAMONDS.jpg I use the X on my picture because it relates to my birth again. I changed it to XXX because XXX can represent 666, 30 & the Orion stars. Also... the 8 in the centre represents infinity & the Orion constellation. (Also seems to form a V shape between the E's. The 111 behind it all means the trinity. The 2 purp L ones to mean, LL. The Yellow 1
  5. I just used the Templar cross & The letter Zeta. Where the halos are positioned it spells out zoso. Unintentional again.. I just wanted to keep everything balanced. Like the infinity symbol in the centre combined with the other symbols looks like it makes a butterfly, but the body of it looks like a bee. All unintentional again. It's just funny how all the symbols combined look like energy coming out of the centre pyramids. The Mercury 7 Monument ZoSo ?? It would just be Mercury if it weren't for that number 7. 7 = Zeta or Z or ζ Mercury = oSo
  6. OK, You all seem pretty clued up on symbols.. Would appreciate it if you could help me out with this question. This... Plus that.. and the other.. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s98/Mit...pg?t=1224993438 When you combine all those pictures together, doesn't it just mean the same as this... http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s98/Mit...pg?t=1224993981 Just something I put together myself based on my birth details and stuff If you look closely you'll notice Eve Hill around the golden column (Butterfield Court) That just happened unintentionally,
  7. Back in 1066 it was part of Shropshire & Shropshire was part of Wales. But the county & country borders have been adjusted many times since then. They've even adjusted the ley lines. Doesn't matter though, I still found it. 1066 was when Ralph Venator came to UK. Venator changed to de Pitchford in 1086 & named the place in Shropshire after the name. de Pitchford = KNIGHTS TEMPLAR To explain the links between de Pitchford & The Knights Templar would take a lot more than just one post. To cut a long story short, the Knights Templar hid something in Dudley.
  8. ZoSo = Combination of... ζ = Zeta, 666 & the Alchemical sign for Mercury (oSo) It ALL relates to a 666 birth in Wales in 1979. (The Gemini Diamond) 06:36 am 06/06/1979 Dudley, Wales ------> http://www.alabe.com/freechart/ vous avez essayé de le maintenir caché mais le temps est maintenant vous payerez ce que vous avez fait tout le vous, je promets. le dragon rouge. μεγαλοφυία keine Furcht
  9. That's the thing, I don't seek anything particular in life. I just take it as it comes. I'm happy but curious. I could quite easily have forgot about the door, if I hadn't been told to forget about it. Being told to forget about it just fuels my curiosity. It's not that I'm disobedient, I just don't like not knowing, especially when it feels like something is being hidden.
  10. Ok, here's a better question, that you could help me with. Just imagine that you're in a place that you know really well, but then one day you come across a mysterious doorway that you never even knew was there. You don't have a clue where this doorway leads to nor what are the consequences should you go through the door. You ask people about the doorway & they just tell you to stay away from it. Would you take the risk & go through the door ? or, just leave it & get back to life as you know it & pretend it isn't really there ? Part of me says "aahh what the hell o
  11. I just used the first illuminati card that came up. A being at the start of the alphabet & all that. "true meaning? can only be held by the owner. all other "true" meanings" are suppositions". Agreed, I was merely quoting the thread title when suggesting that you must know. I've researched the hidden knowledge. I just wish the powers that be would of given Jimmy, Crowley, Pike etc the freedom to come out & tell the truth. I don't understand why everything has to be kept hidden. What's the motive ? anyway, that's a story for another forum rather than a music forum.
  12. I read the whole topic for a laugh at the speculation, thanks. Agreed, end of discussion. Conclusion You're all correct, you all know what that whole album means. Used the key, researched all you could, visited the cave with the horns etc..
  13. That card was just another example of some of the stuff I had to trawl through. Should of picked a more appropriate one really. We'll see how rubbish it is when I'm through that seal. So you must know the true meaning of the symbol ZoSo to say such a comment ? Enlighten me & not with that stuff you find on the internet. Are you one of those people that believe everything the tv tells you ? Have you ever seeked to gain hidden knowledge ? I suggest you do it.
  14. The one with the coded map. That's my favorite.
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