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  1. If you click the launch button for the video next to the article there is a great video of Jimmy talking about Les Paul and his guitars. Thanks for the post.
  2. So long for now........
  3. Agreed, this is good advice. I just priced LP Standards at $1400 - $1800. I bought my Eric Johnson signature Strat for under $1500 new a couple of years ago. I got the best price I could get over the web, went down to the local GC and had them ship one in. I played it before I bought it. I bought a korean hollow body Gretsch for $400 and I probably paid too much. I've never owned an LP, if anyone has a line on what to look for in a used one, drop me a line.
  4. thru with the two step and ALS have been going through my head all day
  5. R-O has been discussing this for quite some time, unofficially or otherwise, yet accurately. The thread over there is most informative. All versions of the new release DVD have been recalled and no new further distribution is scheduled. Product currently in distribution will not be replenished, and there was some discussion about a recall of the existing products. Speculation is a copyright infringement issue, that may be isolated to the US, since it appears the European distribution was unaffected. The bluray HDDVD debate has nothing to do with the halting of the release.
  6. Andy McKee - Art of Motion This guy is unbelievable. If you've never heard of him, go to you tube and search on him. Un-freakin-real
  7. Ditto. I took my 10 year old son and another Rush fan was born.
  8. Agreed, appreciate them now more then back then
  9. So let me clarify my comment because I didn't intend to pass judgment on anyone who finds some enjoyment in the recording. However, for me, it is not soothing nor do I find harmony in it. It is chilling and somewhat macabre, and if anything, invokes anxiety as an emotional response. For me, when I think of harmony, the compositions I appreciate the most are in the Rain Song, Swan Song/Midnight Moonlight, ten years gone, in the light...... Lucifer Rising doesn't do it for me.
  10. Nothing wrong with OUTRIDER, some great tunes on that album. Lucifer Rising is just flat out bizarre. I was playing it the other night and my wife looked over at me and asked what the hell I was listening to....can't understand what anyone would enjoy about it.
  11. I'm guessing his sources could be the very threads in these forums......
  12. I don't see what the big deal is, he never uses that finger anyway.....
  13. I stayed up pretty late last night researching this while drinking scotch and have come up with the following theory: Having served his apprenticeship under the teachings of Lord Crowley, Jimmy is now set to become the new Sith Lord that will destroy the Republic and lead the New World Order Galactic Empire. After the O2 show, he will proclaim himself to be Darth Zoso. the dark side in him, powerful it is.......
  14. The Rain Song live may be my favorite recording of all time, TSRTS just completely rocks. Over the Hills and Far Away on HTWWW really documents how quickly the band can go from touch to brute force. I was really blown away the first time I heard this version. That's the Way is just fabulous as well. I can listen to Since I've been lovin you from either recording and just get lost in it Glad they are both available....
  15. Dude , gimme a break with the righteous, Zeppelin is altruistic and the fans are selfish BS. These guys are making a shitload of money off the release of Mothership and re-release of TSRTS, not to mention the fortuitous agreement with I-Tunes to release the catalog shortly after to the O2 announcement after years of negotiation. I hope they tour at least a few shows in the US so I have a chance to see them, being one of those selfish fans who has never had the opportunity to see them live. But if they don't I'll buy the DVD. And if they choose not to, more power to them. They're people,
  16. spooky.... hard to take a position that it is all just a big coincidence.
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