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  1. I'll tell you what I am NOT going to dress up as. The Joker. Ledger's version particularily. And I also think I may bombard any Jokers around town I see with something unpleasently hard or uncomfortably mushy.
  2. Just Canada, thanks I'd never wanna go anywhere, particularily south... tho Mexico might be cool
  3. People have given up on making good acid, and moved on to amping pot up. Back in the 60s, it was reversed. Acid is like a quarter of it's potency now... and pot's potency has grown exponentially.
  4. Very? That group blooooooooows. La boom.
  5. More importantly... happy belated, John Entwistle! Muaah!!
  6. I do believe it is Entwistle's bday, yo...
  7. Oh... he's wonderful. He's been doing music for a while, eh? I got really into him about 2 years ago. Looks strikingly like his father!
  8. I think you meant their Also, you have a problem understading Dion? What is with all these people who can't hear passed a slight accent? Is everyone so ignorant these days?
  9. I am likewise amazed. I need proof! Alan Moore never likes "his" movies... but then, no one ever properly treats his work when it's translated into film.
  10. Gin.slehnav

    Pet Peeves

    Well, she's an idiot. On the other hand, girls who make stupid decisions about men are the chicks who need the most help. And you're being a douche. Maybe she deserves a better friend then you
  11. How about us who turn away at technology every chance we get? True, I'm typing this over the internet, so I'll point out that little bit of hypocracy you seemed to miss about yourself. But what about those kids who distain television, cell phones, Ipods? What about those kids who sit around, reading and painting, playing with their cat? Who find things like Xboxes and playstation 3s or 4s to be overwhelming? Also, cactus... thanks so much for that ! I haven't seen that skit for ever
  12. My friends and lovers Way better than the lame-ohs on the tele.
  13. Hey, Puck... you know Watchmen is going to be soooo very different from the graphic novel, don't you? Oh, wrong thread
  14. I hated him I'm glad Nathan didn't die... however, he does seem to have gone insane. At least he's seeing Malcom McDowell! I'm so glad that dude came back as well...
  15. If someone doesnt like toys for that reason... maybe they're just prudes!
  16. Hi! I'm new and love Zep... been a fan for *ever*!! I really like Jimmy Page, he's like God's gift to women!
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