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  1. Only The Lonely ~ Roy Orbison
  2. Dance The Night Away ~ Van Halen
  3. St. Vitus' Dance ~ Black Sabbath
  4. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  5. Neither (too girly, no offense). Skydiving or Mountain climbing?
  6. Yepper (many moons ago). HYE seen a baby being born (that wasn't your own, if applicable)?
  7. Both (but lean toward LT). Whistle While You Work or Ticking Away The Moments That Make Up A Dull Day?
  8. Jaysas! I was thinking that (both, actually). Angel or Devil?
  9. Yepper (many moons ago). HYE seen lightning strike a tree?
  10. Yepper (but studied and conversed with my professor and it made sense, in time). HYE caught a fish?
  11. Left wrist on 9, right wrist free (ever so dangerously). Eddie Van Halen or Alex Van Halen?
  12. Hippie (she can bathe her body in the ocean, but the banker may not be able to bath her soul, so to speak). Eddie Van Halen or Alex Van Halen?
  13. ^The Matrix New Moon (subtle and majestic). Cuisine: Indian or Thai?
  14. Keep the peace and please your mother (nuff said). HYE opened a Xmas package to see what it was (and then rewrap it and place it back under the tree)?
  15. iPod (television bores me). The Oracle or The Architect?
  16. Inspector Closeau (Sellers, not Martin). Peter Gabriel or Peter Frampton?
  17. Noper (I do my best to avoid microwave usage... silly, I know). HYE constructed a pyramid (any size or material)?
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