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  1. I'm a bit late to this thread but am glad to say that i did get a copy of this Bootleg video and Plant Page live from California 1995. Both are o.k. at best but as a life long fan they are worth every red cent to me. It was no great mystery that these are bootlegs. I did get them for $14.99 each which is cheaper than at Best Buy so i'm happy. Honestly i love bootlegs and no matter what i will buy them. Have been buying bootlegs since the early eighties as well as anyhting else Zep releated.
  2. I wanna see Zeppelin do....................... well..................... Zeppelin. Not soft versions. Loud and proud versions. Just like it was 1973 again. Yup!
  3. So is a C.D. /album of the 02 show ever gonna be released? That would make be very happy.
  4. Wow that's cool. I'm sure the old guy most likely has had enough of the camera's. Someday i will get there, it's on my list of , need to do before i die things. I will be taking a '' ton o' pictures too.
  5. God this is a great thread, love the gifts!!
  6. As always, thanks for the info. This forum is simply the best!!!!
  7. Thanks for the blow up picture, it's better than what i could get. Looking at the man on the stairs i think it's Bonzo too or someone who sure the Hell looks like him. I like to think it's Bonzo just hanging out waiting for a .............. friend. Sorry. By the way i have never seen the album Compartments before but i can see how they look a like for sure.
  8. Thanks for the info and the feature was very interesting. There really is a lot of things going on in that picture for the album cover as well as all the other things that are happening in the windows (sleeves). I think i need to make a trip there to see the building someday, that would be a rush for sure.
  9. I don't have a "first" bought Zeppelin album. Here's why..................... back in the day, around 1981 i bought Zeppelin I and Zeppelin II at the same time from a record store on Yonge St. in Canada. They had all the Zeppelin albums on the wall and all on special. Damn i wanted to buy them all in the worst way but at 15 years old there was not a Whole Lotta (sorry) money to go around. All i could afford to buy were the first two albums. When i got home i played the shit out of them!!!!! I still have them to this day.
  10. What no Raising Sand.............. come on. And yes i'm not serious.
  11. Hee hee , no original members, that sounds like fun. That does it, next month myself and my 3 best high school buddies are going to tour as Zepp. I hope no one notices that we may look a bit off from 1980 and the fact that two of my friends are drummers!
  12. I'm sure this has been posted before and sorry if it has been but who is the guy sitting on the left set of stairs on the Physical Graffiti album cover? Does anyone have a fairly good picture or blow up of this person that they could post? I want a half decent picture for a project of mine.
  13. It's funny about this album, i do want to get a copy of the reissue but i 'm not so worried if i get one. I have an original one from way back in 1982 when it first came out. That video that was posted a few pages back of the new copy of Death Wish II is very cool and i love seeing the small differences that is printed on the cover (like the JP logo from outrider). Maybe i'll be lucky to find and pick up a copy at the next record convention (though i doubt it) to add to my collection. The one thing that i always wanted was a copy of Death Wish II on CD to add to the collection. Did they even make a CD version of it way back in 1982 in Canada? I never even thought about looking to see if it came out on CD, then or in the years after as i was happy with the record and CD's were something too new for me at that time. When i finally did look for a copy no one had one or really thought that they ever made a CD copy of it. Funny how things have changed. In the end i burned myself a copy of Death Wish II and copied the art work as well. It looks almost real. I do have a question though, did they ever release the soundtrack for DeasthWish III anywhere in the world either on CD or tape or an album since it is Jimmy's music also. Yes i know it's basicly the same music as Death Wish II with some new stuff from other people added in. Thanks for any info you could give.
  14. Damn that's cool, watching that just kills me. I wish so badly that they would just release the video of the concert, damn the perfection bit. If they don't want the money then give it to charity. Oh how you can't always get what you want eh!
  15. Does anyone know when an album might be coming out? This year or 2013 or is this info not available? I'm dying to see more and hear more.
  16. Well the problem is we all (at least most of us) still want something new from the boys or for them to get together and play/record or something. By the way love the avatar, go old Johnny.
  17. I think the problem in all of this is the key word which is, at least with Jimmy, PERFECTION, i think that for him if it is not perfect (at least in his mind) then he can't release it to the world. I think he is way over the top on how something needs to be for us to see it. Come on, they have not really played together since 1980 as a full working band with all it's members, so no they will not be perfect in his mind. I think most of us would just be happy to see it released for our viewing, yeah and it may not be perfect but still i would be happy to own a copy flaws and all. The funny thing is the fact that you used the word "YET" , i have to admit i like your positive thought that the concert will be released sometime in the future, buddy i hope that indeed you are right and yet is just a matter of time. Long live Zep!!!!!!
  18. It's funny how you all either like one or the other which is fine but i can still remember a time in the past when you couldn't really find TSRTS on video very easy or it just plain cost to much to buy and my friend and myself hatched an idea that we would rent TSRTS from the local library and borrow my friends old video camera. We had plans on playing the library copy on a wall from a projector and filming it with my friends video camera. Boy what a plain and it was going to cost a very little. We never did get around to doing it and did finally just buy a copy but when i think about it - what a plan when i was a kid.
  19. Check this out , very sad, the nearly dead Cracked magazine still trying to be funny and failing big time. http://www.cracked.com/funny-60-led-zeppelin/ It was funny when i was a kid, funny how that is eh. Oh by the way Zep rules.
  20. Oh yeah you can say that again, THE CURSE.
  21. That's funny 'cause as i remember 'ol Jimmy was a health nut back in the '70's............. ah o.k. maybe i'm wrong on that.......... yeah i'm pretty much wrong on that. Maybe he's just got old bones, look at his hair, broken bones are not too much of a surprise at this point. The boys are getting old after all. I still love 'em though, but Page needs to lighten up on how he releases the bands music or videos, it does not all need to be perfect, i think we would all still buy it bumps, bruises and broken finger and all.
  22. It makes you wonder how much more stuff is out there that Jimmy may release someday. One can wish can't he?
  23. If they do plan to release it then - the sooner the better. I don't want to wait anymore.
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