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  1. hi there, I love the pic of Robert with Strider on his motorbike. :)

  2. *The forsets echo with laughter *The people who stand looking *There is a stairway (to heaven) *Zoso *The songbird who sings *The lady who's sure all that glitters is gold *Rings of smoke through the trees I'll try to search for more You're painting is great by the way
  3. I hate political discussions too. This kind of discussions always become pointless arguments in which you're never allowed to say what you really think because if you'll do that someone else will attack you or state that you're completely wrong and then it will be dragged into a stupid fight about who's right and who's wrong. I remember when I was at high-school we had some political dissussions in our class that were always turned into a complete chaos and the teacher always had to stop 'em and get people out of class...
  4. Hi ninelives I really hope they'll win. This kind of superb musicianship have to get recognition and win the awards it deserves (even though the nomination itself is a recognition).
  5. This one made my day, thanks for the good laugh Rock Action Post some more this thread is hilarious...
  6. This must be a joke right? I can't even imagine it...it's too funny
  7. I agree. Raising Sand is one of the finest moment in Robert's solo career. It's truly a beautiful album that was created due to an amazing collaboration between the two of them, this is why I think they really deserve to win this award... BTW hi everyone I'm new on this board
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