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  1. realized my ignorance in posting such a subjective and opinionated topic. sorry everyone! on the bright side, our agruements have helped him like Zeppelin more.
  2. Thanks. I want to hear alot of other people's opinion's and stuuf. Thanks again!
  3. There's alot underrated songs out there by Led Zeppelin. Which one do you think is the most underrated? For me it would be Bring it on Home from Led Zeppelin II. Also, sorry if this has been posted already. I searched and couldn't find it. Thank you, God bless and Led Zeppelin forever! Edit: What do you think is the most overrated song by them? Sorry I forgot to put it in the topic as it came to me after I posted. Again sorry, thank you for reading, God bless and Led Zeppelin forever!
  4. Hi, my friend thinks that AC DC is better than Led Zeppelin and i think that he ver wrong. Both are great bands but I don't think that AC DC is evem close to being better than Led Zeppelin. Time and time again, I have tried to prove him wrong but he still has not changed his opinion. In order to finallly settle this, I hve told him that I will have a list of facts on why Led Zeppelin is better. This list could have anything from sales figures, polls, influence and other factors. Please help me in this part. Thank you in advance, God bless and Led Zeppelin forever!
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