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  1. realized my ignorance in posting such a subjective and opinionated topic. sorry everyone! on the bright side, our agruements have helped him like Zeppelin more.
  2. ive already started a forum on this and its been on for awhile now.
  3. Sounds ok, just get Robert in there. Thers no proof to back up the info though so it could quite possibly be fake.
  4. I get where your coming from man but I have to disagree. I love Led Zeppelin and really hope that there is game on them. I get you though. Every day I hear"Oh I love that song I heard it on Guitar Hero" It does really irritate me but this game will be really good for everyone.
  5. Aerosmith-Heartbreaker Even though it sounds different I like it
  6. Sorry, I'm kinda slow. So could someone please tell me what ALS,HMMT, and D&C are?
  7. Yeah you're right. They deserve the same treatment as The Beatles are getting.
  8. Well for me I would lean more toward Guitar Hero developer Neversoft. While I really, really, like the care that Harmonix has with games based on specific bands, I like Guiter Hero for a couple of reasons. The instruments are better, I really like the music studio, the customization features and the motion capture(Don't think that you would want to play as them in their current state though). I also like what they did with the recent Guitar Hero Metallica. How they put in all the random facts, the real attention to the game in terms of having Metallica's influences, the backstage footage, stage presence, and the people who were influenced by Metallica into the game. However, I like Harmonix's DLC, and their just natural instinct to put something cool in a game and the fact that they know the fans will love it. However, i don't like Rock band's instruments and it's gameplay(in terms of timing. It just feels so wierd to me). I don't like Neversoft's advertsing campaign(KFC buckets? That's pathetic.) and I HATE, with a burning passion, how they are come out with Guitar Hero games every other freakin month! It's freakin annoying! I guess I'm really split in the midle, except slightly leaning towards Neversoft. And you havea good point MisterMcLov1n, kids need to get exposed to actual good music and not hear the same songs on the radio all the time. This could qutie possibly be the best way to do that. Again this is my opinion and please don't bash me for it. Thank you, God bless and Led Zeppelin forever!
  9. Oh man you're so lucky! I wish i could've seen that!
  10. Thanks. I want to hear alot of other people's opinion's and stuuf. Thanks again!
  11. There's alot underrated songs out there by Led Zeppelin. Which one do you think is the most underrated? For me it would be Bring it on Home from Led Zeppelin II. Also, sorry if this has been posted already. I searched and couldn't find it. Thank you, God bless and Led Zeppelin forever! Edit: What do you think is the most overrated song by them? Sorry I forgot to put it in the topic as it came to me after I posted. Again sorry, thank you for reading, God bless and Led Zeppelin forever!
  12. I have to say that my favorite was the Aerosmith cover of Heartbreaker. Even though steven tyler's voice is different I like it. If you havent seen it already, I highly reccomend you see it on Youtube.
  13. Really? i had no idea that there were digital downloads for the beatles. Can you tell me where to get them? Everytime I look for them on itunes i can't find them. Help! I need the Beatles on my ipod!
  14. I wouldn't say it's a fad. Many people love the stuff. However, I do understand what you mean when you say people say that they are big fans of specific groups when they only know one song because of rock band or guitar hero. I see so many people weaing a shirt with one of my favorite groups and i ask them"Oh, you like (insert specific group here)?" About 75% of the time they say "Who are they?" I reply fairly annoyed "They're on your shirt." And then they say "Oh yeah, I'm a big fan of them. My favorite song is(insert song here from guitar hero or rock band)." I then question them and say "Yeah right. Name the members of the band. Name four of their albums or ten of their songs." They usually get an embarrased look and walk away. These situations annoy me very much because why would you where a shirt with a band that you don't know? I know i shouldn't be assuming that much but it's just very frustrating.
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