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  1. oh wow i cant' believe its actually found? when did jimmy say he didn't want it back? was it after he found out that the BB has been found?
  2. heyy i've been a vegetarian all my life too! im glad to see girls our age appreciate classic rock!! acc to me it will always be the best genre of music ever and zeppelin will always be the gods!! none of my friends have ever heard bands from the 70's! :(

  3. heyy ive been a vegetarian all my life too! glad to see more girls of our age appreciating classic rock!

  4. Members of Queen were huge Zeppelin fans from imdb (ive read these in other websites too) brian may: I'm the world's biggest Led Zeppelin fan. The music, the way they conducted themselves, their whole management structure - they were the blueprint. Queen always used to play The Immigrant Song in sound-checks just for the glory of the sound. brian may: I don't think anyone has epitomised riff writing better than Jimmy Page - he's one of the great brains of rock music roger taylor: The first time I saw Led Zeppelin, Bonzo (John Bonham) just walked on the stage and just warmed up for about 10 seconds. Freddie (Freddie Mercury) and I nearly fell over we just couldn't believe the power and the sound. People are still today trying to imitate Led Zeppelin, America is full of drummers trying to play like John Bonham. roger taylor: The greatest Rock'n'Roll drummer of all time was John Bonham who did things that nobody had ever even thought possible before with the drum kit. And also the greatest sound out of his drums - they sounded enormous, and just one bass drum. So fast on it that he did more with one bass drum than most people could do with three, if they could manage them. And he had technique to burn and fantastic power and tremendous feel for rock'n'roll. "When the levee breaks" is the archetypal heavy drum sound - it's never been bettered - it's like a steamroller, enormous bass drum. Simple but takes feel.
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