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  1. That's a very nice picture of them holding the guitar! When was it taken?
  2. OMG yes tangerine was indeed the higlight! What a great show! and it was a dream like to actually see robert plant in concert!!
  3. Ohh I didn't see this post until now, thanks for your concern I'm going tomorrow!!! :D Can't wait...and i'll definitely post in here after the concert!
  4. Thanks a lot for the advice everyone... @ juliet : i actually mean 'ticket' ..oh n i cant take my mom coz she stays in a different country!! but i think as long as i don't do anything stupid i should be fine thanks again
  5. dont know if this is the right place to post this, but here goes i got tickets to the 2nd show on 23rd...but my mom's getting paranoid because im going alone (none of my friends share my taste in music ) ...is it weird/unsafe going alone?
  6. oh wow i cant' believe its actually found? when did jimmy say he didn't want it back? was it after he found out that the BB has been found?
  7. are there any pictures or articles about JPJ and Jimmy interacting??
  8. i hope a toronto date is added soon!!
  9. me too!!! and it made sense with the 'ohh, ohhh' moaning after singing that! towards the end of The Ocean when the doo wop doo harmony is being done by JB and JPJ, for the longest time i thought RP was singing 'she walks innnn, she walks innn, she walks inn...'!
  10. I think a lot of criticism towards Robert is coming in from the new generation of Led Zep fans. I am 18 and just discovered Zeppelin 1.5 years back and I cannot express how much I wish I could go back in time to the 70's or atleast have discovered Zep in time for the O2 reunion!! I wouldve gone to London from anywhere in the world if I had known!!! So yeah, even though I respect Robert's decisions, I can't help but feel exasperated by Robert's reluctance to play with the band again, considering Jimmy would do it at the drop of a hat and so would John Paul Jones. I just hope one day, they coul
  11. I've been trying to find the perfect women's led zep shirt...i want one of these; http://www.amazon.com/Led-Zeppelin-Retro-Photo-T-Shirt/dp/B001LY0YKK/ref=sr_1_26?ie=UTF8&s=apparel&qid=1269426595&searchContext=B0018MPJ96%2CB001LY0YKK%2CB000P54B14%2CB00190I84K%2CB003CMS96U%2CB000E208II%2CB0018A937W%2CB0034670KU%2CB0018ACWK2%2CB002P8THRC%2CB000VCHZRI%2CB001DO1JEI%2CB00346B1GO%2CB00195LRZW%2CB000X1DAOY%2CB0011ZMS9Y%2CB002PR171C%2CB00376LXT6%2CB0018ACVJY%2CB002BAZ7Y6%2CB000R5L5CA%2CB0015KK8FG%2CB0015OARVC%2CB000OL9FNI&sr=1-26 http://www.amazon.com/Led-Zeppelin-Man-Lantern-T-
  12. My best friend doesn't really like led zep. He thiks stariway is the best song of all time but he is convinced that jimmy page has wasted his talent on other songs. So I want to show him, preferably a youtube clip or similar, of jp's best playing...for me, i love everything he does...even when he plays sloppy like some of the knebworth shows which i think were fantastic..but any suggestions for vids where jp plays a really hard song perfect??
  13. A VERY Happyy Birthday to the Golden God!!! May you have many many more!
  14. A VERY Happyy Birthday to the Golden God!!! May you have many many more!
  15. i was soo looking forward to seeing jimmy on the big screen....but the dvd is definitely good news!
  16. any chance of it releasing in toronto?
  17. im super excited about this!! lol at first i wasnt so sure about the name but when i read its theM crooked vultures, i loved it!!
  18. i LOVE your idea! I can only pray for this to happen now!!
  19. hmm i guess he's referring to the reunion reports going on now abt led zep playing again at o2 etc.. *sigh* nyway congrats robert!!i just hope it will happen one day....all of us who were born a bit too late to see them deserve one chance!!!
  20. heyy i've been a vegetarian all my life too! im glad to see girls our age appreciate classic rock!! acc to me it will always be the best genre of music ever and zeppelin will always be the gods!! none of my friends have ever heard bands from the 70's! :(

  21. heyy ive been a vegetarian all my life too! glad to see more girls of our age appreciating classic rock!

  22. This is sooo how i feel!! I love this quote from the movie almost famous where a groupie (band-aide as they call themselves coz they are not like others who just sleep around with every rockstar they meet to be famous, they are in for the music and for the love of the band) says this about other groupies: "They don't even know what it is to be a fan! To blindly love some silly piece of music... or some band so much that it hurts... please, they're all just after the money."
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