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  1. TSRTS No Quarter is hands down my all time favorite Zeppelin track.
  2. The soundtrack is incredible, really an integral part of the film. I read that there are over 50 songs and the music budget was $3.5 million and the music budget for a film is usually $1.5 million.
  3. Here are my guitars: '62 American Vintage Strat - Sunburst (my main guitar ) '74 Gibson ES-175 - Sunburst (Looking to sell in order to purchase a '58 reissue Les Paul in Iced Tea color (oooohhhh they are gorgeous!) '05 or '06 American Start - Olympic White (also need to sell) '06 Gitane Gypsy Jazz Acoustic
  4. Personally I wouldn't get a squire, I'm so glad I didn't start out on one cause they play horribly. They are dirt cheap for a reason. I would maybe go for a mexican strat or a cheap ibanez. Never owned an epiphone, but they seem like decent enough guitars. Good luck with your search!
  5. listening to Stairway to Heaven? I still do. Zep IV was really the first Zep album that I got big into. I copied it onto minidisc from my cousin almost 10 years ago and I listened to it all the time. I try not to listen to STH too much, but when I do hear it it really grabs me. Anyone feel the same way?
  6. Great, I hope you enjoy it! I think you will.
  7. Awesome post! I've been wanting to read the Cameron Crowe interview with Led Zeppelin ever since I first saw Almost Famous.
  8. No Quarter is unreal, I believe the first version I heard was the Song Remains the Same version, and not only is that my favorite rendition of the song, but it's probably my favorite Zeppelin track altogether!
  9. * Spoilers - Tour bus scene in Almost Famous where they start singing Tiny Dancer, end scene where William finally gets to interview Russell Hammond - Scene in The Professional where Matilda first knocks on Leon's door, the way the light shines on her when the door is finally opened (which probably seems like an eternity to her) is really incredible, great direction there - The end to Donnie Darko (when Mad World is playing)
  10. Hey guys, great to be back on this forum. I was signed up a while ago, but I think my username was deleted. Anyway, I am Anthony, currently living in Boulder, CO with my brother for the next several months. Just got here from New York City where I was attending music school. I am a guitarist and I love all sorts of music, but Zeppelin has always been one of my favorites. I am looking forward to posting here often, always been a great group of people here, friendly vibes. If any of you are in the Denver/Boulder area, definitely send me a message if you're interested in jamming. I am working on
  11. War Inside My Head - Dream Theater
  12. Very warm and sunny currently, it's about time! We just went through 3 weeks of rain nearly every day, which is very rare here. I'm in Boulder, CO for the next several months.
  13. Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
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