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  1. i think that article is pointless, because its like dpat says you can just pretty much take any passage from any artist and there is something perverted or silly about it but personally i love the lemon song...
  2. ya i saw that i was like wow this guy doesnt actually listen to like paramore or something haha and im sure if plant saw that performance it would of made him proud because it was really good
  3. ya i was happy when i saw the video then was sadly dissapointed when i read the comments
  4. the rain song most definately and over the hills and far away... there just so proffecionally and musically magical and pleasing to the ears
  5. ahahah those dirty whores they dont know what there talking bout the killers are just complainers, they need passion and emotion and talent like zeppelin... but instead of working on that they try and blame on the audience, wut bitches
  6. haha Gandolf the Guitar Wizard, Classic Haha

    love it man

  7. Im 15 so when i bought Mothership that was when I fell in love with these guys and have been trying to learn everything about them since.... but Ramble On was favorite when i heard it at the time.....
  8. Its the curse of Satan my friend..... if that is true haha, doubt it tho
  9. You know your a Zep Freak when you.... -listen to Stairway to Heaven most every night before you go to bed -spend your time instead of playing the guitar thinking of how Jimmy would do it -feel like listen to Led Zeppelin because its the only thing that makes sense -AND when you feel like you need to cry when you hear the RAIN SONG cuz its just so beutiful.....
  10. I am most deffinetly going to try to inspire my kids to grow up with led zeppelin in the backround and hopefully theyll will learn to love the beutiful music that i do.... To answer your question tho I think that Led Zeppelin will never truely die as long as there are people willing to expand their minds... In future centries they will be considered like Beethoven or Bach.... haha
  11. Zeppelin 4 (the album that has no name with the man with the lantern)
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