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  1. The best pop group of the 70's and IMO one of the best bands ever. All their albums from 1974 to 1979 are masterpieces and "Famous Last Words" from 1982 is very good as well.ALL their songs had great melodies (at least when Roger Hodgson was in the band), their albums had no filler! I wish pop music today were on the same level, but years have gone by and in the 80's artists such as Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson killed the pop music the Beatles and the Beach Boys had invented and replaced it with the crap music we still have today, although MJ was certainly more talented than nowaday art
  2. Mother tongue: French, I am fluent in English and very fluent in Italian, I also speak German and a bit of Spanish. My favourite would be Italian because I like the fact that it is so close to Latin and it enabled me to understand many French words. I am also very interested in etymology, I believe many problems stem from the fact that people don't know the real meaning of the words they are using.
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